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Hello Exorians,


It's been a while! First off I hope everyone is staying safe during these weird times.


Exora has always been a passion project of mine and other staff members. 
When we previously released we had a huge amount of players and due to lack of updates, it went downhill pretty fast.


This of course is partially our fault as we had no consistent developer.
We've since hired a developer who has proved to be consistent, as well as hiring other developers.


In the past we felt the responsibility of providing fast and big updates, thus creating much more bugs as we didn't test as much as we should have been.
Our updates will now have to go through significant testing before we release it. 

We decided to close down the current Exora as we rework Exora with new exciting content, fix loads of bugs and introducing new staff members.

The current Exora will be fully reset. When we re-release all players will start as a new player.


When will the new Exora re-release?

We currently don't have an exact date, but we do have a time frame. We're aiming to re-release late July.

What happens to the Donators?

- Donations in the past 2 months will have 30% of their value refunded in the form of credits.
- Donations in the past 4 months will have 10% of their value refunded in the form of credits.

In order to receive a refund, message Bennie#8189 to check if you're qualified. If so, you'll be noted and will have the credits on release.


We are currently recruiting beta testers.

Please apply here:


An announcement will be made when the closed beta will start.


We are also recruiting more staff members.

Please apply here:



Thank you for sticking with Exora. If any of you have any questions, feel free to message me in DM or the general discord.

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Please me staff again Bennie 😭

Good luck brother 👊

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