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Exora: Moving Forward

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Hello Exorians,

First off I'd like to say, thank you for your patience. I know it's been extremely hard, especially for the staff team, and the developer team.
We've had many chances, and we know it will be hard for you guys to accept the apologies. And some may leave, which is our fault. I get it.
We have decided to delay our release by up to 2 days. I know this is not what you guys wanted, and I agree.

What went wrong?
We have made some pretty big changes to the back-end of Exora. These issues were not caught by testing, and were very hard to catch with only a limited amount of players to test. This issue was causing players not being able to login, or not at all.
We've decided to go back to our old system, which rarely caused us issues. It will take some time to revert these changes. 

With these changes we're forced to do a full reset. Donators however will be 100% refunded.

What will happen after these changes?
All players accounts will now start equally. It will be a fresh economy. Accounts will no longer be registered via the forums. And will only be registered by entering in-game information. If it were to say invalid user/password it would mean the account is already taken.


Again we apologize for the inconvenience, we tried very hard to get it all fixed. We've had multiple skilled developers look at it.
As an apology we'll be giving everyone a free mystery box on release. (I know it ain't much).



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