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Update Log #1 (Underwater Dungeon, Black Market Trader & ALOT MORE!)


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Hello Exorians,


I'm happy to finally show off all of the updates we have worked on. We're still not finished with adding new exciting and refreshing content.
Before reading this, make sure to check out the following: https://exora.io/community/index.php?/topic/844-how-to-register-an-account-on-exora/

Lets get started, shall we?


+ Underwater Dungeon

It's about time we get a bit of custom underwater content. The dungeon can be accessed by going south-east of Home. There, you may find a pirate that explains the underwater content and sells equipment for going underwater. You can however enter without any equipment, but it is not recommended as you will be dealt an immense amount of damage while underwater. You can only attack monsters underwater with the following type of weapons: Rapier, Lance, Spear. It is not possible to range, mage or use any other type of melee. So what do you need?

- Fishbowl helmet
- Oxygen tank
- Heavy iron boots
- Any of the type of weapon: Rapier, Lance, Spear

How does it work?
When underwater it drains your oxygen tank out of oxygen. It also has a chance to poison your oxygen tank, draining it even faster.

How to enter?
Simply click the object and jump in!


How to recharge oxygen tank?
You can recharge by going out of the underwater dungeon. It will then automatically recharge your tank. To fasten this process you can use oxygen capsules to recharge it.

How to cure oxygen tank of poison?
You can cure your oxygen tank by purchasing purification tables from the pirate.

Can the oxygen tank be upgraded?
Yes, it can be upgraded by using a pressure equalizer on your tank. The pressured oxygen tank lowers the amount of oxygen drained and decreases the chance of a poisoned tank.

How do I make oxygen capsules?
You can purchase empty capsules from the Pirate. The empty capsule needs an ingredient which is; Coral sprouts.

How do I get coral sprouts?
Coral sprouts can be mined in the underwater dungeon. It can only be mined with the following pickaxes: Lucky pickaxe, infernal pickaxe and riptide pickaxe.



+ Catching Snappers

The underwater dungeon introduces a variety of new monsters. Including the 2 new fish monsters. Deep sea snapper and the blubbery snapper.
They can be caught in the underwater dungeon by right clicking > catch. In order to catch those fish you need a riptide tri-spear and 74 fishing.
There is no fishing spot, you need to catch the actual monster. To learn about the rewards read below.

+ Underwater rewards

   + Riptide tri-spear
The riptide tri-spear can be used to catch snappers. But it also has a combat effect. It has a 10% chance to triple hit any monster only while underwater.

   + Deep Sea Trinket
While having the trinket equipped you will become invulnerable to having your oxygen tank poisoned. Even with monsters that can poison your tank.
   + Loot Hunter Trinket
You have a 1% chance to roll an extra drop from the monster you have killed.


   + Riptide Mystery Box
The materials can be obtained by killing monsters underwater. The materials are as follows: aquatic fin, aquatic tail, aquatic tusks. The mystery box contains general underwater rewards, and high tier ones.
   + Pressured Oxygen Tank & Equalizer
The pressured equalizer can be used to upgrade your regular oxygen tank to a pressured oxygen tank. The pressured oxygen tank lowers the amount of oxygen drained and decreases the chance of a poisoned tank.
   + Riptide Pickaxe
Gain increased coral sprouts when mining with the riptide pickaxe. There's a 10% chance when mining to gain the extra corals.
   + Aquatic Heart
When consumed adds a permanent 100 HP buff. It is required to have consumed the husk of vitality first.
   + Riptide sword
The riptide sword deals extra damage against fire type monsters. Keywords of monsters containing in their name: Magma, Infernal, Fire, Balrog, Gothmog. (10% chance to triple hit)

   + Deep Snapper tail
Deep sea snapper can be caught by right clicking > catch with a riptide tri-spear equipped or in inventory. It Increases the strength level by 33 when eaten.
   + Blubbery tail
Blubbery snapper can be caught by right clicking > catch with a riptide tri-spear equipped or in inventory. It Increases the attack level by 33 when eaten.

+ Underwater monsters
   + Mudskipper
Simple auto attack, very low NPC monster.

   + Deep Water Snapper & Blubbery Snapper
They have a high attack speed, and hit between 100-200 per auto attack. They mainly hit with melee attacks.
Every attack rolls between 0-100, if the rolls is below 10 it will do a special attack that hits twice.
Every attack they make, there's a 1% chance it will poison your oxygen tank. Players with an upgraded oxygen tank will have reduced poison damage. Players with a deep sea trinket equipped can not be poisoned.

   + Giant Sea Snake
The snake has a 10% chance at dealing a special attack that deals all types of damage from different combat ranges.
Like the snappers, it can poison your oxygen tank.

   + Barrelchest (Boss)
Deals damage in both melee and range. It has a low chance to completely drain your prayers. To enter the deep sea cave, where barrelchest lies you need 65 agility.

   + Riptide Strykewyrm (World Boss)

It deals magic damage as its auto attack. It has a special move that will shake your screen and spawn riptide bubbles on tiles in the area. If you're on the tiles you will get poisoned and dealt heavy damage. The longer you're in it the more damage you take.
At 25-50k hitpoints it will spawn 4 baby riptide strykewyrms who deal range damage. In this phase the riptide strykewyrm will be invulnerable. Kill the babies (lol) to be able to damage the strykewyrm. The strykewyrm spawns north-east of the dungeon.

Note: We are planning on expanding the monster variety, and their combat scripts.


+ Black Market Trader

The black market trader is a minigame that can only be completed once every day. It resets on server time at 00:00. It is a solo minigame, where you can defeat waves of enemies. Each wave that you complete rewards you with BMT points. When you have completed all of the waves, it will spawn the black market trader NPC in the middle of the zone. His shop contains 6 slots which have items rolled on to it. From common to rare.
Each of those items cost BMT points. You may find your self in a situation where you do not have enough points for a certain item. In this case you can save the item by paying 15% of its cost. By saving you have a high chance to roll that same item again when you do the minigame. 

Certain donator ranks get additional refreshes and saves. Refreshing your shop shows a new list of items, also rolled from common to rare.
The shop has a very high rate at giving rares, since it can only be completed once a day.





  + Rewards
    - General skilling supplies (in large quantities)
    - Skilling tools (captains harpoon, infernal, riptide, lucky)
    - Artifact Maul
It has a 1% chance at one-shotting a monster/boss up to 2.5k hitpoints. (The chance is subject to be changed, depending on player feedback)
    - Dark matter
    - Trinkets
    - Heirlooms
    - +80 def armoury
    - +80 str/att/range/mage weaponry
    - BiS accessory
It can pretty much drop almost all of the available items in Exora.


+ Login Rewards (Revamped)

Decided to do away with the old daily reward system. Was very lackluster, and did not give as many rewards. Every day you will get a roll to obtain an item from the list. These rolls however are not stacked when missing a day. So make sure to use them daily. Your chances of getting higher tier rewards are increased with each roll you do every day. These rewards will automatically alternate between months. Each month will have a different theme of items in them. For this month the higher tier rewards are trinket based.


+ Skillers' Backpack

The skillers' backpack was meant to be a cosmetic. But after several player feedbacks, we decided to give it a use. You can now use your skillers' backpack as a looting bag. It can only hold skilling supplies. By using an item on the backpack it will deposit all of the item in the backpack. You are able to withdraw it by right clicking > open, alternatively you can also withdraw-x. And don't worry! You can still equip the skillers backpack and use it as a transmog.


+ World Boss Token

You can now spawn world bosses with a world boss token. When you open a world boss token, it will open an interface from where you could choose which world boss you want to spawn. You can spawn the world boss from anywhere in Exora, it will be spawned on its original location. You can not spawn the boss while it is active.


+ Trinkets
We have noticed that most of the heirlooms were barely used as everyone would just go for the collector due to the drop rate increase. The new trinket slot adds a lot more variety to the gameplay, and equipment choice. Most of the heirlooms have been converted to trinkets. Trinket items have (tr) in their item name. The following heirlooms were converted to trinkets:

- Miners Jewel
- Fisherman heirloom
- Lightbringer's sigil
- Couldron of Venom
- Death's grip
- Relic of Recovery
- Flower of Dawn

+ Daily Events

We also have implemented a new automatic events system that are set every day. We thought that would give the players an extra boost in money making, experience and overall fun. These are the following events on each day:
- Skill of Monday - 10% increased experience on a specific skill.
- Zombie Tuesday - 10% increased zombie shillings obtained from zombie storm.
- Superior Wednesday - Increased slayer superior spawn rates.
- Supplier Thursday - Chance to receive double supplies from skilling.
- Monster Friday - 5% chance to receive double monster parts.
- The Weekender - 25% experience and 1% drop rate increase. (sat-sun)

+ Infinite Overload Potion
We decided to add some more chase items for players that have reached end-game. There will likely be more depending if players like it. Introducing the bottomless overload potion. It never depletes. It can be created by obtaining 4 materials from various monsters. Crafted via the titan forge. It can be made by obtaining the following materials:
- Dark matter skull (dark matter)
- Deep rock abdomen (spider & warbeast)
- Shadow demon tail (shadow demon)
- Oceanic pearl (snappers)


+ Buy-X/Sell-X
You can now Buy-X/Sell-X on the Exora shops. This will make it a lot easier to buy and sell without hassle.

+ Hiscores
Fixed an issue with the hiscores on website, not properly ordering the ranks.

+ Titanforge
You are now required to have a specific smithing level to titan forge an item. Depending on the item, smithing requirements vary. To see a full list of the requirements go to the skilling guide > smithing.


+ King Black Scorpion
The scorpions now drop a KBS key. The key can be used to enter the KBS arena without having the killcount requirement.
- Increased scorpian scales amount from 100 - 250 to 250 - 500
- Increased razor dart amount from 10-50 to 100 - 200

+ Barbarian Agility Outpost
You now have more choice where to level your Agility. It also includes higher level agility barbarian course. Global teleports > Skilling

+ New Achievements
- Complete 25 laps of lower barbarian outpost. (med)
- Complete 50 laps of higher gnome agility course. (hard)
- Complete 75 laps of higher barbarian outpost. (elite)
- Clean 100 grimy guam (easy)
- Clean 500 grimy ranarr (med)
- Create 500 super restores (hard)
- Create 100 overload potions (elite)

+ Client
- You can now use resizeable while in min-low graphics mode.
- You can now resize your client inwards.
- A new Launcher is available for download at: https://exora.io/play/


+ Changes
- It will now let you know if your farming patch has progressed to the next stage.
- It will now display your monster killcount if you get a rare drop in world yell.
- You can now only gamble with coins or bill bags.
- You will now walk over a dropped item to pick it up, instead of picking it up next to it.
- Reduced the special attack requirement ebonchill spear from 75% to 50%.
- Monster Hunter interface now has multiple pages.
- Titanite now has a .6% increased drop rate when the full set is equipped.
- Added the amulet of eternal fire to the firelands altar reward table.
- Bloodchiller will now go in rage mode at 2500HP. (if you've read this far, message me on discord for a free mbox)
- Lowered the attack speed of shadowmog.
- Increased the drop rate of ebonchill monster parts.
- Added crowns to the ::staff list
- Added bonemesh hood and cape to the transmog list.
- All new items are now available to transmog.
- Added cosmic altar to the runecrafting teleports list.
- Added rock slug to ring of slaying teleport.
- Added hellhounds to the ring of slaying teleports.
- Added kalphite to the ring of slaying teleports.
- Blast heating bars will now count towards task scroll.



+ Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue regarding pathing to objects, npcs. It will now longer say "can't reach" unless you really can't reach the object/npc.
- Fixed wildy items kept on death; it now accounts for stacked items and will keep as much of a stacked item as possible.
- Fixed the "Carried Wealth" value, it was counting excess values due to the stack issue. Values should now reflect what you would see in a trade window if you were to trade everything you had on you.
- Fixed an issue with drop catcher sending items to the bank, while your bank is full.
- Fixed an issue with elemental star not properly accounting the number of alts on it.
- Fixed an issue with Argus going out of bound/being invisible.
- Fixed an issue with Argus attacking you with tornadoes even if you are in the safe area (behind barrier)
- Fixed an issue with friends chat where it would create 2 of the same chats with different players in each one of them.
- Fixed an issue with ignore list, not ignoring the players' yell.
- Fixed an issue with certain monsters not having combat animations.
- Fixed an issue with the wilderness agility course.
- Fixed an issue with not being able to teleport outside of revenant caves while you are under 30 wilderness.
- Fixed an issue with elite task scrolls not being dropped, if you've received it once.

Thank you for taking the time to read. There's a lot more coming, stay tuned on discord for more :classic_cool:

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HELL YES! Cant wait to get back to the grind, 100% worth the wait! see you guys soon 😉,

also i see a bunch of our requests have been fulfilled, the player base will be very happy!

p.s thanks for using some of my suggestions



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