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Exora - Shutdown Until Expansion Update

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Hello Exorians,


We've been working on the new expansion, and are close to being finished. We've decided to shut down Exora to prepare for our expansion update as well as our marketing. This means starting today at 3AM it will be closed until further notice. In the coming week, we'll announce a release date for when the server will be back up. We'll be active on our official discord. On the #sneekpeak channel you'll see the content and updates we've been working on.

We have also been working on our new register account system. You can read more here: 


Will accounts be reset?
No, accounts will not be reset, nor will any progression.

When is the release date?
We're likely releasing back up somewhere at mid-end July.

What does the Expansion update consist of?
The expansion update will have content revision, addition of unique content such as; underwater dungeon, black market trader, battle pets system, new weaponry, armoury and misc items, a new equipment slot called trinkets & way more. We'll be releasing an update log very soon.

Can we help with testing?
Yes, you can help with testing. If you're interested feel free to message me or any admins on discord.


Thank you for taking the time to read. Don't worry, we'll be back stronger.

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