raid's guide for beginners

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120 combat

92 prayer

99 range



Join the "raids" clan chat to find other players to raid with


what gear?

Basic range

karil set

amulet of fury


featherfall bow

barrow gloves

snake boots


Decent gear (recommend)

solari set

wind horn boots

wind strider wings

poisen gloves

poisen amulet

dark matter bow


Best gear

earth dweller set

wind horn boots

wind strider wings

poisen gloves

poisen amulet

scoria bow



You can take melee gear to

grab a crystallic rapier or use dm sword or scoria sword

but we all know range hit's best at raids





what to do if u wanna join team:


after that u will get invite from someone who made the team and it will looks like this



if u wanna make team dont click queue but click create team and start invite players like this



after that u got all players u want in team just raidy up and start the raid


once in the raid


first boss u will see is this guy


this is melee guy u can use protect melee here or use soulsplit

second boss


this is the magic one protect mage here or soulsplit

third boss


this boss does magic damage so again magic prayer or soulsplit

after u hit half his damage he will spawn minions

kill these first to lower his shield

u can use barrage to kill them faster only to the minions u cant mage the boss


final boss

this is the hardest part

here u can choice between mage pray and soulsplit

this boss has 3 stages and it can poison you so take anti pot with u

first stage


second stage


u need to lower this one first before u can see the last stage


after u kill this little boss

kill the second stage

after the second stage kill the first stage

after u killed that u will see this chest


click on it


this will show up now u can choice

bank all : this will put all the items in bank

take all: this will put items in invent be sure u got space!

abandon all: u will not get any rewards

after u did this click the portal and restart from the top 🙂


gl on loots and thanks for reading this guide

hope it helps

made by deathkil




Edited by Deathkil
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Nice, man ty for taking the time to do this much appreciated :D also i would recommend Attacker hierloom over the collector not sure if raids is effected by drop rate tbh

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Nice for new players, for this raid chest blue octo doesnt work if someone thinks about it.  Raid bosses also drops pets with rare chance! Gl for raids everyone!




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Perhaps add the Armour name on-top of the pictures, so new players know the name of Armour? other than that solid guide +1 ❤️

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