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Enchanted Chest

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I have compiled a list of items that I have seen pulled throughout the game to give players a better understanding on what all is in the chest and have put sets that contain both leg/skirts as set



Bandos Runeset
Armadyl Rune set
Spined armour
RockShell armour
Dragon armour

Obsidan Cape
Ganodermic armour
Grifolic armour
Fungal armour
Virtus elite
Torva elite
Pernix elite
Spirit Shields
Akrisae armour
Elite black armour
God Halos

Battle mage armour
avalani's robe set
agile armour
Spellcasters gloves
Swift gloves
Goliath gloves
Destruction Armour
Gorilla mask
Wings (same as votewings)

berserker helm



Saradomin sword
Oranate katana
Elite Rapier
Dragon 2h sword
Dragon Claws
Dragon Halberd
Dark Bow (colored)
Armadyl battle staff
polypore staff 
Granite maul
Virtus wand



guam seed
tarromin seed
marrentil seeds
dwarf weed seeds
snapdragon seeds
candantine seeds
lantadyme seeds



mirthil ore
Adamant bar
adamantite ore
rune ore
rune bar
lava ore 
lava bar



gilded bronze pickaxe
Deep Rock chest
Magma keys
burning key
dwarven army axe



Not sure if this is all the drops will add more as I find more drops not on this list

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Nice work mate, i'm sure this will come in handy for new players curious about the chest.

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