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Hey! I would first of all like to say, i would like to apply for Support that helps with behind the scenes stuff, like making guides that would help players. Since i'm new to this server, i don't wanna apply for in-game support, because i don't have enough knowledge yet.

*What is your In-game name?

>Meinu And King Meinu


*What time-zone are you in?

Eastern European Standard Time
Time zone in Finland (GMT+2)

*What is your discord tag?



*Do you have any previous experience of being staff member?

>Being Staff on Runescape private server i don't but i've experience being staff on other game called Metin2.


*Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason?



*Do you like the current staff team?

>Yes, i've been in contact with few of them and i like them.


*Do you have any problems withe the current staff team?

>No i don't.


*Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team?

>I love helping others, i'm easy to get along with and i'm active.


*Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member?

> I would help with making guides, help other staffs and help making the server even better than it already is.


*Tell us more about yourself?

>My name is Meinu, i'm 19 and i live in Finland. I love helping others, i've been playing Runescape private servers since 2013. I'm usually online +5hours.


*A picture of your playtime?

>Meinu image.png.87161981ac55abbaf93078ed647f67bb.png  King Meinu image.png.a7604f5cc106891a48f2eede3050ec2f.png


Thank you for taking the time to read this!:classic_smile:



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