Ironman Progression Guide

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To create your account simply log-in with any available username and password.
You can choose to view the tutorial or skip it.
Select you difficulty mode (I highly recommend KING).
And finally select the appropriate ironman mode and click "I like a challenge!" to start your adventure.



The first thing you wanna do on your freshly created ironman is get 60 mining.
That is just so you can mine every elemental star you see from the get-go.
You'll need 10k elemental dust to make a collector level 5, so it's better if you start collecting it now.
The elemental star spawns every hour in a random location of the map (can be wilderness) and you can get there by typing ;;estar
You can check when it's going to spawn by clicking on the blue star on the top right corner of your quest tab.



Equip your beginner set and sword and head over to the celestial caves (dungeon teles)
Kill the celestial creatures until you get a featherfall bow drop or your beginner sword runs out of charges.
If your beginner sword runs out of charges first and you don't have a dark celestial scimitar, you'll have to do some skilling to get 25k exo points to buy an exo sword to keep grinding the celestial creatures.
Move on to the next step after you've got your featherfall bow.



Ava's accumulator = kill aquanites in the monster lair

Black d'hide set = kill hellhounds at tarveley dungeon



Now that you have a ff bow, black d'hide set and ava's accumulator it's time to start slaying.
You can find the slayer masters at the slayer camp north-east of home.
Pick up all the monster parts, key halves and specially the seed drops that you get.
Do slayer until level 85. This should get you to level 99 ranged aswell.
Buy an exo sword from the exo shop if you haven't already and then move on to the next step.



You should have a decent amount of seeds from getting level 85 slayer, so it's time to start farming.
We're gonna need a lot of prayer potions for the next step, so it's better if you do farm runs every 15 minutes.
Kill frost dragons while waiting for your herbs to grow and get 70+ prayer before moving on to the next step.


At level 85 slayer you can start killing dravonic demons (protect from melee is necessary so you don't waste all your food).
Teleport to the dravonic cave (dungeon teleports) and kill the demons until you get a full dravonic set and a draven's scythe.
Expect to be here for quite a while.



Now that we have a decent melee setup it's time to finish getting level 99 slayer.
Save all your slay points to unlock the Crystallic Gargoyles, Dark Matter Demons and the Ebonchill Dragons (in that order).
Once again, pick up all the monster parts, key halves and seed drops that you get.



You're gonna need A LOT of food for the next couple of steps, so I recommend that you get 99 fishing/cooking before moving on.



At level 93 slayer you can start killing crystallic gargoyles (if you've unlocked them).
Kill them until you get a crystallic longsword (the whip and rapier are not that good) and you'll have an easier time farming the DM demons later.



At level 97 slayer you can start killing DM demons (if you've unlocked them).
I recommend that you PRESTIGE and get maxed combat again before you start farming them. That is just so you can "fix" the soulsplit prayer drain.
Kill them until you have a dark matter bow, sword and staff.



We're gonna skip the darklord armor set and go straight to the Titanite set.
Farm dravonic demons and the exorian champion for a while and then try forging titanite pieces.
To forge the titanite helm, for example, you need 1 dravonic helm + 1 exorian helm + 20 titanite shards.
There is a 45% chance of success when forging titanite pieces.



You can get the solari set from the earthbreaker boss.
If you're hardcore ironman be careful: this boss can 1-hit you.



You can get the neon set from the Tormented the Bloodchiller or you can get the Tectonic set from Vorago.



Congratulations, you've reached the end-game. Get ready for the grind has only begun.
You have pretty much second-best-in-slot melee/mage/ranged gear now, and the only way to get the BEST-IN-SLOT items is by doing RAIDS.
You can get the Scoria Bow, Staff and Sword from raids.
You can also get the Earth-dweller, Sea-dweller and Sky-dweller sets from raids.


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