Update Log #12 (New Donator Zone, Well of Goodwill, QOL)

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Note: In order for the log out issue to be fixed, a new client is required. Download here:

or just simply load your launcher.


Hello Exorians,


It's been a while! We've been working on future content, and preparations for our upcoming big content update.

This update is something we're doing in between so you guys get some new fresh content.


In the update:

Monster Spawner for Immortal Rank

Master Zone (Master + Donator Zone)

Well of Goodwill

Skilling Additions



+ Master Zone

We've received lots of suggestions regarding higher tiered donator zone.
The master zone contains high level skilling, high level slayer monsters and other general objects, npcs.

With the master zone we're also bringing a new benefit for Immortals to spawn their own monster.


How it looks:





+ Monster Spawner

Immortals will now be able to spawn their own monster. The monster spawner object is located north of the master zone, past the hunter area.

There are 3 objects, and the monster spawner is limited to 2 users each spawner.





+ Well of Goodwill

To keep the economy better stable regarding cash, we decided to bring the well of goodwill to Exora. 

The well of goodwill accepts un noted bill bags, each bill bag increases both the skill experience and drop rate by 5% and 0.1% for 30 minutes. We may change the time and amount to donate for the bonus in the future.

The bonus experience and drop rate take extra bonuses in to account.

The well of goodwill is located south-east of home.





+ Skilling Additions

- You are now able to create bolt tips by using a chisel on a cut gem.

- You are now able to create amulet of fury, or amulet of glory. The creation of those items work the same as osrs.

- Added impling hunter. Implings now spawn every 15 minutes up to 5 implings per spawnings/region.


+ Additions

- Added a kill counter to instances. You are now able to check what kill you are on.

- New rank benefit, boss tasks now give extra coins per kill. (Extra reward on completion is still awarded).

- Added a way to see your current drop rate in the quest tab.

- Added a ;;pricelist command which leads you to: 


- Armadyl runes are now obtainable from Glacors.

- Armadyl runes are purchasable from the runes shop.


- Scoria weaponry price has been changed in the webstore from $350, to $500.


- Added scoria staff, the new best in-slot magic staff.

The best in-slot magic staff. Each attack has a 50% chance of hitting 3 times. The difference from other scoria weaponry is  that, if the scoria effect is proced, you the hits will not be less than the original damage, rather it will copy the original damage of the hit. Example: Hit an NPC for 1000, with scoria effect you hit 3000. The damage will not be halved.



+ Changes

- Lowered Tormented the Bloodchiller healing.

- Abyssal Horror is now passive.

- Titanite set now has a 0.5% increased drop rate.

- Titanite pieces now has increased hitpoints bonus. (Kiteshield included).

- Buffed rare rewards of raids.

- Seismic wand now hits as fast as tormented.

- Enabled toxic crossbow in the wilderness.

- Titanite sword success rate on titanforge has been increased to 50%.

- Enabled defenders in the wilderness.

- Buffed amount morchella mushrooms and fellstalk potion (unf) dropped from monsters.

- Picking up a pet is now the 2nd option.

- Buffed molten cape.

- Blurite ores are now able to be noted.



+ Bugfixes

- Fixed an issue with donator rank mixed with ironman regarding yell timers.

- Fixed an issue with soulsplit draining your prayer too quickly when attacking players/monsters.

- Fixed an issue where logging out would take too long and freezing the client for a minute. (new client is required for fix).

- Fixed an issue with a hard task, where it said 'mine adamant bars'. It will now say smelt adamant bars.

- Fixed an issue with achievement burying not working with altars.

- Fixed an issue not being able to drop demonic gorilla pet.

- Fixed an issue with King Black Scorpion requirement.

- Fixed an issue where if you have had a stackable item in your inventory, and it was full it would say not enough inventory space. You will now be able to pick it up.

- Fixed an issue with not being able to sell Ornate Katana to the general shop.


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On 2/17/2020 at 11:45 AM, Yo whats up said:

Cant make fury's tho? Can't add ball of wool to unfinished amulet.

ok so to make amulet of fury from scratch you need (amulet mould from misc shop+ chisel+ gold bar+ ball of wool from misc shop+ uncut onyx + 20 fire runes+ 20 earth runes+ 1 cosmic runes + 87 magic+ some cash in your inventory (10m))* You first use the chisel on uncut onyx to make onyx gym*Then you use onyx on furnace it will make only amulet (u)*Then you use ball of wool on spinning object at skilling area to make onyx amulet*last you enchant the onyx amulet to make

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