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Update Log #34 (Amulet of Durzag, Vote Streaks, Bottomless Enchants, Prestige Ability Relock, Exo Rapier & More)


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Greetings Exorians,

Time for another update! As always, thank you all for supporting Exora! We appreciate all of your suggestions, and feedback.

This update brings exciting new content to the game, including vote streaks that reward players for voting up to 6 times per day, a relock feature for prestige abilities, and the Exo Rapier for underwater tasks. We've also added new bottomless potion enchants that provide a better boost. Additionally, we've made various changes and improvements.

Other than that, this is a fairly small update log. We're currently working on the Easter event, and the long awaited skilling update. We'll soon be able to post some sneakpeeks!

Check out this months Donation Deals here:

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+ Vote Streak
As the title says. You'll now be rewarded for supporting Exora through voting every day. Each toplist site increases your vote streak by 1. These vote streaks will reset monthly, at the 1st of each month.

Vote streaks are capped up to 6 times per day. So in-names can work, but it wont increase your streak if you reach the cap.

Visit the Check-In chest at home, it'll have a new option to open the Vote streak interface.



+ Amulet of Durzag
This new amulet automatically banks skilling supplies you receive while skilling. This only works for the following skills: Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining and Thieving. The amulet must be equipped, and can't be left in the inventory.

It uses charges for each action. It's capped at 5000 charges, but increases based on your donator rank. In order to recharge it you must use loose springs on the amulet. Each spring charges the amulet by +10 charges.

To view the maximum charges per donator rank go to: https://app.exora.io/store > donator benefits.

The amulet of durzag can be obtained from cracking safe boxes, and the credit shop.




+ Exo Rapier & True Exo Rapier
Underwater tasks can be a pain as a beginner player who doesn't have a good alternative weapon to do them. Often leading to them blocking the task, and not interacting with underwater content.

Exo rapier can now be purchased from the Exo shop, and is obtained from loot sources that contain Exo weaponry. You can also titan forge the Exo rapier for an even stronger version, allowing you to do your task slightly faster.


+ Titan Forge
  + True Exo Rapier
    - 10% chance at apply an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage.
    - Materials: x2 Exo Rapier, x1 Royal soldier's sword, x1 Royal bluerite sword, x1 Firestorm longsword, x15 Elemental dusts
    - Success rate: 75%

+ Celestial Bones
Celestial monsters are generally beginner monsters, often killed when on slayer task. We wanted to give new players more ways to level up their prayer. Rather than only magma bones and ebonchill bones.

  - Celestial bones can be obtained as a guaranteed drop from celestial monsters.
  - Celestial bones can be obtained from general loot tables.
  - Added 'bury' celestial bones as a battle pass task.
  - Added 'bury' celestial bones as a daily task. Reward: Celestial soulcage.

+ Ring of Hanto
Similar to the ring of slaying, the ring of hanto will instantly teleport you to your boss task. It can be purchased from Hanto's shop for 1000 boss task points.

+ Prestige Reset Scroll
With the revamped prestige shop, players may feel like they want to switch certain abilities depending on what they're doing at the moment. You can now relock an ability and receive your points back in return.

It can be obtained from the Credit shop, and vote streaks.

Here's how to relock an ability:


+ Bottomless Potions (i)
  + Bottomless Raid Potion (i)
     - Increases overall raid drop rate by +1.5%
     - You can now infuse your bottomless raid potion with Hecarim's horn. Hecarim's horn is obtained at a low rate, from the Hecarim world boss.
  + Bottomless Titan Forge Potion (i)
     - Increases titan forge success rate by +2%
     - You can now infuse your bottomless titan forge potion with Titan master's mask.
     - Titan master's mask is obtained at a low rate, from successfully forging items.

You can view the full list of bottomless potions here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions

+ Credit Shop
  - Lowered bottomless raid potion to 9999 credits.
  - Lowered bottomless enchantments to 6249 credits.
  - Added prestige reset scroll to the misc. category: x2 for 49 credits
  - Added hecarim's horn and titan master's mask to the misc. category: 6499 credits
  - Added amulet of durzag to the general category for: 2499 credits

+ Power Charge
  - Increased the amount of power charge stacks needed to deal special attack from 10 charges to 20.
  - Increased the power charge internal special attack cooldown from 7 seconds to 12 seconds.

+ Sacrifice
  - Added tecotnic pieces to the sacrifice list for 1500 points.
  - Added seismic wand to the sacrifice list for 1750 points.

+ Magma Chest
We've updated the rewards of the magma chest, it was far too useless and was only opened on battle pass tasks. You can now obtain various rewards such as exo weaponry, magma pets and more!

  - Magma key will now be a stackable item.
  - Updated magma chest collection log.

+ Changes
  - You can now set buy offers on Vote books.
  - Secret horn can now be obtained from Hanto tasks.
  - Exorian champion added in the instance manager. It will spawn 2 exorian champions.
  - Skill master / Slayer raid abilities are now announced when you enter a raid. (if you have either of them unlocked)
  - Added more information about the slayer helmet, in the task point shop. (zzz)
  - Buffed shard of ebonchill drop rate on ebonchill monsters significantly.
  - Increased magic defence of Undying, Vengeful king
  - Added dragon full helm to transmog list.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with Nirvana's bow attack animation.
  - Fixed an issue with ring of life not working properly.
  - Fixed an issue with Zulrah favorite teleport not working properly when using hotkeys.



Thank you for taking the time to check out this update log! We've got a lot more planned 🙂 

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