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Some Ironman fixes/suggestions for iron QOL

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Ironman Ideas/fixes in there as well currently

1. Ironman cannot get the amulet of glory, which has a bunch of useful teleports. change the dragonstone ring to dragonstone amulet to enchant it


2. Ironman cannot make toxic bolts (because we can't get dragonstone bolts). easy fix add dragonstone bolt e to misc shop


3. The materials necessary to make prayer renewal pots are dropped in extremely low amount. 1-3 of ea ingredient I feel 94 is a stretch on ironman alone that they should be added to the herb shop or atleast drop in 5-10 ea ingredient since prayer renewals for us are only 3 doses


4. Some bosses can 1 shot you, making it impossible for Hardcore Ironman to go for completionist cape.


5. Can't get any of the dragon hide coifs. add them to the crafting skill


6. Getting 10k elemental dust to upgrade collector to level 5 seems unrealistic on ironman maybe add it to the Ironman shop for 10m per chunk so you would still need 99 crafting


7. Allow us to make the amulet of fury since currently the only way is RNG from chests Change the Onyx necklace to amulet then enchant


8. THIS IS THE BIGGEST BOTHER: since Iron/Hc irons have their own symbol i think this should take Priority over ANY donor rank cause not only does it show we are irons. when u have a donor status people dont even realize your a ironman till they try to trade with you or until the famous "soz Iron bro" line is said


9. Allow theTitan Forge  as a way for irons to dump their duplicates for titanite shards as the only easy things for us to kill are Exorian champion, abyssal horror and Ebonchills dark matter demons or vorago for them without having to risk the wild.


-9a) Add a armour converter that allows u to change a dupelicate armour piece for a fee and chance of loosing the item Example: I have 2 dravonic legs and no helm, for 100m I can risk converting the spare legs for a helm.


10. Events and Raids Should be SAFE DEATHS for Hardcore irons they should be allowed to join in on the fun of Khaashee and the now gone Xmasfreet without worry.


11. add Cerberus, exorian champion and zulrah to the instance manager (forgot about this)


Please look into these Suggestions/fixes as well 

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added 11.
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Not currently on the Iron Man grind.  But we naturally will all end up there after all end-game content achieved on mains.

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100% support. Maybe even give irons a slightly boosted drop rate.


Edit: Also, the yell color for irons is terrible, the grey is so hard to read if you're on re-sizable.

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