Speed P10 King Mode

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Character requirements:

slayer 95 and learned ebon dragons

prayer protect from range or reflect range


Gear requirements:

Dark matter weapons as in bow,sword,staff (or better), true featherfall +

Dragonfire shield

some decent armour dravonic+

a shoulder pet snail, golem, skele or hellcat is recommended (if not then take prayer renewal)

undead staff would be helpfull.


Vote books lots of them.


Ebon Dragons have 6500 HP they breathe dragonfire and attack with range mostly, Bones give 15k Prayer with votebooks


you need 2500 kills for the completion cape requirement.


They drop lots of half key tooth's and lots of death runes

rarely frost strider wings, and frost horn boots

and dont forget about the cute Ebon Dragon Pet wich will boost your drop rate on the drags by 0.25%




They are easy to hit even when you have 1 attack/strenght


Inventory setup




mixup with prayer renewals and saradomin brews if u dont got a shoulder pet


examine the ebon dragon and add whatever u want to the drop catcher.


then start grinding melee all together with slash until you reach about 50, then strenght all the way up to 99 it will boost your dmg, then attack for accuracy, and last but not least defense,


then you take the undead staff, and go to magma dungeon or where ever you wanna go, and grind up magic till 62, now you have unlocked the smoke burst spell, grind magic on zstorm attacking multiple zombies, and use the ballista's to gain range to 50+, when you reach 90, use the dark matter staff to increase speed and damage all the way up to 99.


Now you can do range boring....

go to frost dragons kill them till 90 get dark matter bow for increased dmg/spd


now with all the bones you got from ebon dragons (15k pray) and frost dragons (14.5k pray)

go to the altar and grind up prayer till 99, 13.034.431 exp is required. (870x15k = 13.050.000)


before you prestige put on your melee gear, and prestige, then start over.


after 10 prestiges and full cmb you will have 1990 prayer/HP




GL and have fun, with this mindless grind.







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