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Hello Exora!


Recently, I started playing this server and I love how much it resembled Bennie's old server "BeastPK" which is why most of my suggestions come from there as these were the best features and useful for situations now.

I'd like to suggest an NPC that sells PRESET Runes for a certain price.

For example the NPC would offer:

1000 x Ice Barrage for (however much it costs for these runes)

1000 x Blood Barrage (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)


This would resolve the issue of players being unable to buy the most common runes required (Blood, Death, Water, Air) from the Magic store as it is never stocked!

It would also help ADMINS as they aren't constantly being pestered to Restock the stores every 20 minutes as there are no more runes left.


Thank you for reading Exora!


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now this sounds like a godd ass idea, legit wont have people pming Adam\Bennie\lump for stock restores ever, please get this to pass @ADAM

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