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Mrnode and Mrsnode here with Pet idea to increase everyone in performance and more chance rng and a great way to implement skilling.

Pets seem to have great bonuses that allow players to advance in skills even bosses loving that so far. my idea is that if you have multiple of that same pet maybe a titan forge upgrade to boost bonuses by 5% every upgrade or something.



heron>heron=Herona=15%xp herona>herona=heronz for heronz could have 20% which would be last upgrade.
this is just my xp idea.. im also thinking theese pets could have other bonuses.. also for example heronz ability to catch two fish is fantastic, maybe heronz has a 5% chance to catch a extra casket with every fish catch. to get caskets quicker or something along those lines would help the skilling side of thing's just an idea.

rock golem>rock geode>Dwayne johnson idk.
xp 10% 15% 20% plus the chance to recieve a magma key or enchanted key by 1% or 2% while mining above tier mithril. gold would be to easy imo. or while mining lava ore.

examples for boss pets--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Boss pets are very hard to obtain and im loving that feature already lets step it up a knotch.

boss pets would receive a higher drop chance on rarer items by 1% increase per prestige of the pet. max of 5 to 15% from 10%

it could also work as the above skilling pets as chance to recieve the upgraded pet.. to keep the challange and grind. 🙂

sunfreet *1 = level 1 of that pet.

im looking for people to give suggestions to this if people like this suggestion if you dislike please leave a comment on what could improve this i have never seen this on any other server i have ever played.

i have many more idea's please test me i want to make this community amazing for everyone


i also understand that this would take a long time to make and changing models if was needed and etc im just the idea guy. But i think it would be a fantastic project for this server 🙂

mrnode and mrsnode
tried to keep it simple till later

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love the idea,  more use of extra pets. and instead of selling making them easy to obtain. this is a great way to implement the need to still earn them, or want to keep trying to earn more.

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