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Skilling for Cash

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Selling your supplies to other players or the general shop my idea is that every item you chop mine fish farm is for money.

wc = magic logs- 100k-200kea fletching them into magic longs could also net a extra 100k maybe.
fishing = casket's update to 400kea.
mining = lava ore+ runite ore lava 300k ea runite 100k ea
thieving = 60k spice run havent maxxxed to 99 so dontknow the sale's
spice run currently gives 6k a run.
hunter = could be like 20k a catch chins/ 10k for raccoon's
crafting = you can actually make 2k per dragonstone cut. but crafting. the dragonstone gives u a big loss. understand thats xp/hr

i know people can boss for pvm cash etc
id just like to see skilling more involved 🙂

have been told that sailing is the skilling money maker and i understand your fixing it 🙂
keep up the good work

mrnode & mrsnode

thanks for reading i understand alot of people cbf skilling maybe this might throw them into it. 😛

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Honestly, I think this is well balanced and not many people will be utilizing this except for like kings. Earns my +1 and I think its perfect

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I would like to see skilling be profitable but not overpowered if the gp/hr matched something like the gp bonus from slayer tasks atleast, since currently only materials give profit and then the consumable skills would be a pain like bars for example sell for a decent bit however you would get little to no smithing xp which is lame.

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