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Iron man suggestions

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Hello Exora players.I come here to bring you some suggestions to improve ironman's and normal players gameplay.


1 - Ironman can't make amulets/necklaces/rings,because it does not work.

2 - Alloment patchs does not work

3 - Master farmer keep giving alloment seeds

4 - Ironman can't use Potion flasks

5 - Ironman can't make prayer renew potions

6 - Draynor/cartheby/Ardougne herb patch does not work

7 - Make supplies from Herblore store noted or just the vial of water

8 - Sometimes when you empty essence pouch,pure essence become rune essence.

9 - Make a NPC to decant potions and clean herbs


That's all for now,

thank you so much @Aaron and Berry wet for the help.


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