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Suggestion for eco.

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-increase fish caskets to 1m and increase chance to get it as a drop
-increase cooked/raw lionfish and squid shop value so you get more profit for cooking them
-increase amount of coins from large bags out of large cash stalls
-slightly increase shop value of magic and yew logs
-increase shop value of dirty/clean weeds/seeds so ppl start collecting them in pve and use them. 
aswell as this would make farming profitbable instead of most people seeing it as a waste of time.
-idk how to handle mining/smithing/crafting/fletching since there are more components involved.
however you could just increase the value of the components so the final product is slightly higher value(more effort, less to make per inv). 
like you could lower the hide costs and increase the final product value.
-rune ores take a longer time than magic logs but are practically the same price.
its better to reward someone for waiting a longer period of time to get something.
-make loops/tooth/ekeys valuable to sell to the general shop (not by alot though), where it's still sellable for less profit than auction.
-maybe you could introduce a skilling points system where you can get skilling points by doing any skill
and utilize wildy skilling for x2 points for example like how slayer works atm
ofc you'd want to make the costs of certain items in such a shop high. maybe a fashionscape shop?


when im saying increase the value of x item, i mean it in a way of: if x item takes a long time to aquire, higher increase
or the opposite for items that take less time to get (like copper) to increase it slightly.
most of these suggestion would make people have the intention of having a choice whenever it comes to
selling the items for less profit or keep it for auction.

it would bring more cash flow but dont forget skilling is a decent part of the game. 
i could suggest increasing item values for everything but that would be a pain in the ass to do, these are in my eyes the most possible money making ones.

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See the issue isn’t not enough cash in game there is way plenty of ways to get loads of cash in game. I do agree on a skillers standpoint that it’s hard to make cash skilling. I do not agree though that the issue is not enough cash in game the issue is to many items in game. We need some sort of item sink that’s the bigger issue. So if possible to make player owned shops calculate an “average sell price” for items and if we came out with a well for slight bonus xp or bonus dr you could not only use cash on it but also items and the items would add x amount of cash to the well based on the average sell price of that item in POS

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