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Update Log #24 (Dravonic Revamp, Bottomless Aggression, Key Conversion, Herb & Seed Catcher, QOL & MORE)


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Greetings Exorians,

It's that time again. Thank you all for the suggestions, we've added most of the suggestions received throughout the weeks. If we've missed any make sure to let us know. This update will bring you the revamped dravonic monsters, lots of QOL features, general changes, and additions.

Also: Coupon codes are now refreshed! Use them while they're still available. Read more here:


Let's get to the update!


+ Dravonic Revamp

Recently we tried to narrow the gap more between gear types that are available throughout Exora. We feel it is necessary for players to have a better progression path when it comes to styles like magic and ranged. We've added 2 new dravonic type monsters, and each monster has their own dravonic set. In order to fit the monsters, we've made some changes to the Dravonic Cave map. This way there is more room, and is visually more pleasing.

Note: 'Dravonic Demon' slayer ability now changed to 'Dravonic Monsters'. If you've already unlocked dravonic demon, you'll be able to attack all dravonic monsters.

+ Dravonic Map
   - Added 2 new rooms, each side containing either the Dravonic Hydra, or the Dravonic Devil.
+ Dravonic Devil
   - Dravonic devils attack with the ranged combat style. They're weak to ranged and melee.
   - They drop the Dravonic ranged equipment.
   - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Sumona, and Kuradal.
   - Has a superior version.
+ Dravonic Hydra
   - Dravonic hydras attack with the magic combat style. Every so often they will spit out poison. Standing on the splatter will poison you.
   - They drop the Dravonic magic equipment.
   - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Sumona, and Kuradal.
   - Has a superior version.

+ Dravonic Equipment
   + Dravonic Range
      - When full set is equipped, receive 0.25% increased drop rate.
   + Dravonic Magic
      - When full set is equipped, receive 0.25% increased drop rate.

+ Dravonic Mystery Box & Chest
  - Updated dravonic mystery box and chest to contain regular dravonic pieces.
  - Removed marble dravonic from the dravonic mystery box.
  - Updated dravonic mystery box, and chest collection log.

+ Dravonic Pets
With new monsters, comes new pets!

  + Dravonic Demon Pet (Finally lol)
  + Dravonic Devil Pet
  + Dravonic Hydra Pet


+ Skillmaster Durzag Additions
   + Herb Catcher
      - The herb catcher automatically picks up regular and grimy herb drops from slain monsters. It'll send it directly to your bank.
      - Cost: 350 skill points
   + Seed Catcher
     - The seed catcher automatically picks up seed drops from slain monsters. It'll send it directly to your bank.
     - Cost: 350 skill points


+ Empty Potion Flask, Robust Glass Machine
You'll now be able to create empty potion flasks. This way ironmen, can also claim the benefits of flasks.

How to make potion flasks:

1. Go to the mining zone, in skill zone. Behind the smithing furnace, you'll see a large mining rock. This is the red sandstone rock. You'll need lvl.81 mining in order to mine it.
2. Once you have the red sandstone, head over to the robust glass machine in the crafting area, in skill zone. Click the machine, and it'll convert all your red sandstone to robust glass.
3. Use a glassblowing pipe to turn it in to a potion flask. Lvl. 89 crafting required. Glassblowing pipe can be purchased from the Misc. shop

Once you have your empty flask you can go to Bob barter, and decant your regular potions, to your empty flasks.


+ Bottomless Potions
  - Bottomless potions are no longer made via the titan forge. They are also removed from the titan forge collection log.
  - Bottomless potions are now made by combining them in your inventory. You'll need all pieces in order to create them.

  + Bottomless aggression
You'll now be able to obtain the bottomless aggression potion, it'll be extremely hard to obtain. The potion acts as a regular aggression potion, but has unlimited sips!

To find out how to obtain them, view the bottomless potion wiki here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions


+ Loop & Tooths Conversions
- Loop and tooth half keys are now stackable.
  + Combining
    - You'll now be able to quick-combine your half keys to an enchanted key.
  + Converting
    - You'll now be able to convert 2 half keys, for another half key.
    - Right click a half key > convert.


+ Day Event
  - Monster friday has been removed.
  - Added new friday event. 'Soul Friday, Soulcages fill double the amount'. This means for every 1 kill, it'll count for 2 kills.


+ Pool of Sacrifice Changes
   - You'll now be able to sacrifice multiple of the same items, in one go. You must have at least 2 of the same items in your inventory, to trigger it.
   - Added more items to the sacrifice pool. Head over to our discord #guides to see an update list of values.
    + Point Value Changes
       - Lowered titanite kiteshield from 7500 to 3500.
       - Lowered lucky pickaxe from 2700 to 1000.
       - Lowered riptide pickaxe from 3000 to 1250.
       - Lowered riptide sword from 2500 to 1250.
       - Lowered dravonic equipment from 4000 to 3500.
    + Sacrifice Item Additions
       - Dark matter weaponry: 25000
       - Prayer scrolls: 1000
       - Demonic dice: 250
       - Ragnos backpack: 300
       - Pulsing heart: 300
       - Akdall's crossbow: 4000
       - Akdall's shield: 7500
       - Akdall's amulet: 4500
       - Scorching pieces: 1250
       - Bottomless OVL pieces: 1000
       - True crystallic rapier: 4500
       - True crystallic longsword: 5000
       - True crystallic whip: 3500
       - Dravonic equipment: 3500


+ Collection Log
  - Added the dravonic devil collection log.
  - Added the dravonic hydra collection log.
  - Added dravonic demon pet to the dravonic demon collection log.
  - Updated dravonic chest and mystery box collection log.


+ Slayer Changes
  - Abyssal horror added to Sumona task list
  - Dravonic monsters added to the Sumona, Kuradal task list.
  - Deep water snapper now has a superior variant.
  - Blubbery snapper now has a superior variant.
  - Dravonic hydra superior variant added.
  - Dravonic devil superior variant added.

+ Titan Forge Changes
  - Removed bottomless potions from the titan forge.
  - Godwar Pet Armor from 10 to 25.
  - Infernal Pet Armor from 10 to 25.
  - Dinh Pet Armor from 15 to 20.
  - Abyssal Pet Armor from 25 to 30.
  - Nex Pet Armor from 20 to 30.
  - Elite Nex Pet Armor from 25 to 30.
  - Exorian Pet Armor from 15 to 35.
  - Dravonic Pet Armor from 30 to 45.
  - Omni Pet Armor from 35 to 45.

+ Monster Spawner
Added the following bosses to the monster spawner:
 - Barrelchest
 - The Bloodchiller
 - The Warmonger
 - The Earthbreaker
 - Exorian Champion

+ New Hotkeys
You can now use CTRL 1-5 to teleport to your favorited locations, in the global teleports interface.

+ Magma Monsters
   - We've updated the magma elemental and superior model. As the old ones wasn't really up to Exora's standards. 
   - Added magma key drops to the magma elemental and torcher.
   - Added range and magic infernal guard equipment to the burning chest.

+ Changes
  - Slight graphical change to the dravonic demon head.
  - Increased the ranged bonuses of solari equipment.
  - All overloads are now notable.
  - Increased the quantity of arrows dropped by world bosses.
  - Added hellside bar to the smithing skill guide.
  - Lowered dagannoth bones XP on burying and on altar.
  - Increased magma bones XP on buring and on altar.
  - Scroll of slayer will now show as purple on the ground.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with magma torcher not being on the ring of slaying list.
  - Fixed an issue with magma torcher not being in the slayer information, when asking for it.
  - Fixed an issue with akdall's book not properly checking your killcount.
  - Fixed an issue with items being alchemized on certain chests without it being listed as alchemized.

+ Credit Shop
   - Added bottomless aggression potion to the general category for: 11999 Credits.
   - Added marble dravonic set, including scythe to the cosmetics category for: 1336 Credits



Thank you all for taking the time to read through the update log! We appreciate every player. Keep the suggestions coming. Good luck & Have fun!

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