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Update Log #23 (New Inf. Guard Equipment, Magma Torcher, New Slayer Unlock, QOL & MORE)


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Greetings Exorians,

It's time for another update. To all the players bringing us suggestions, we're gonna start working on them very soon, some have already been implemented of course. But with the influx of newer players giving us suggestions we may be a little behind on them. Don't worry though, we'll get to it eventually. For this update, we've got a bunch of much needed QOL and fixes coming, as well as general content additions.


Note: Some of the updates require a new client. Make sure to use the Launcher, or download the new client here: https://exora.io/play





+ Magma Dungeon Changes

After your beginner gear starts to run out, you'll need to get your next equipment set. Usually that is the infernal guard set, however that is only for melee, and not range and magic. We've made it so each magma monster drops its own set infernal guard equipment set, of their respective combat style. We've also added a new magma monster, which drops the ranged set. 

  + Magma Torcher
     - A new magma monster that drops the ranged infernal guard equipment set.
     - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Chaeldar and Sumona.
     - Monster has a superior version.
     - Location: East of Magma Dungeon (Around the Magma Chest)
  + Magma Elemental
     - Now drops the infernal guard magic equipment set.
  + Magma Beast
     - Will be the only monster that drops the infernal guard melee set.
     - Lowered combat level of magma beast, and hitpoints.

Note: New Inf. guard pieces can be broken down in to infernal plates.

  + Infernal Guard Magic (Can be transmogged)
  + Infernal Guard Range (Can be transmogged)


+ Bigger Badder II Slayer Unlock

We know you guys have been asking for more slayer unlocks. We're planning on adding more unlocks. For now we've added the Bigger Badder II unlock. Which permanently boosts your chance at receiving a superior by +5%. It costs 600 task points to unlock. Good luck!


+ Credit Auction House Changes

We've made some changes to the auction house to make it more fair and reasonable for players to bid on. These are the following changes:

  - You'll now have to outbid a minimum of 10% of the highest bidder. You can no longer outbid with 1 credit.
  - If there is less than 5 minutes left and someone outbids the highest bidder, the time will refresh back to 5 minutes left. It will complete once no-one has bid for more than 5 minutes.


+ New Adventurers Books

It's been a while since we've added more adventurers books. Usually we add new ones when we have an event on-going. These ones however will stay. If you're unaware about the adventurers book system. They are small tasks you may do to receive item rewards, or permanent account rewards such as increased drop rate etc. Each book has its own reward table, and tasks.

To access the adventurers book go to your quest tab > adventurers book

 + Akdall's Book
   - Mine small elemental rocks  0/50 - x10 elemental chunks.
   - Catch hellside imps 0/50 - x20 aggression potion.
   - Defeat rift dungeon monsters 0/500 - x5 raid potions, x5 titan forge potions.
   - Defeat Akdall the Forsaken 0/250 - Bonus 0.1% drop rate in the rift dungeon.

 + Sumona's Book
   - Kill superior monsters 0/75 - Permanent +1% superior increase.
   - Unlock the special drops ability - 2% permanent XP increase.
   - Receive slayer point scrolls 0/10 - x5 points scroll.
   - Open a slayer mystery box - x2 slayer mystery box.

Note: If you already have the special drops ability, you'll automatically complete the task. Head over to the adv. book to claim the reward.


+ Quick-Loadout hotkeys

You'll now be able to use hotkeys from CTRL + 1 to 5. You can assign these hotkeys for your presets. You can only use these hotkeys while having the bank interface open.

To start editing a preset, simply click on the settings button next to your preset name. You'll have able to choose which CTRL # to assign a preset.



+ Slayer Changes

  - Increased dravonic demon unlock points from 40 to 50 points.
  - Lowered the slayer level required to kill or unlock tormented beasts from 93 to 85.
  - Lowered the slayer level require to kill or unlock crystalite gargoyle from 93 to 86.
  - Magma beast slayer tasks can now also be obtained from chaeldar. They remain on the higher slayer masters.

+ General Changes

  - The auto alchemizer will now work for any other object chest, such as the dravonic, blurite and magma chest. This excludes chests and boxes that are opened in the inventory.
  - Slightly Lowered overload herblore battle pass task.
  - Magma elemental will now always drop magma bones.
  - Magma torcher will now always drop magma bones.
  - Added infernal guard pieces to their respective collection logs.
  - Removed (elite) nex pieces from the announcement in Lietrye raids.
  - Gemstone hatchets will now longer require 60 attack to equip.

+ Bug Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with the 'private chat only appears in chat box' option not saving correctly.
  - Fixed an issue with shift-drop sticking on client, when moving away from the Exora client.



Thank you for taking the time to read the update log. Hope you guys enjoy Exora. Feel free to let us know any suggestions you may have.
Good luck & Have fun!

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