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Update Log #21 (Well of Goodwill, Additional Superiors, Changes, Fixes & More)


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Greetings Exorians,

Time for another update! First off, I'd like to take this time to thank the community for playing, enjoying and helping Exora. We really appreciate it. A special shoutout to iron jisko and itsphoto for helping us on the Exora wiki. We've recently done a major design overhaul to our wiki, so make sure to check it out!

This update will bring the long asked well of goodwill, with lots of cool server-wide benefits for every player to enjoy! As well as 8 new superior monsters, and other general changes. Let's get to it!

Important note: An updated client is required for some of the content listed in the update log. Download the new client here: https://exora.io/play
If you use the Launcher, simply close all clients and load Exora with the Launcher.


+ Well of Goodwill

The well of goodwill is a new feature that allows players to donate their coins or bill bags to it. In return the well activates server-wide events that all players in Exora may make use of. We tried to think of the best kind of benefits the players mostly ask for, and made a list which you can choose from. You'll be able to choose specific benefits to activate, without having to donate for other benefits.

The well of goodwill is located right at home, near the opal gem tree and across the enchanted chests.

These are the following benefits:
 + 50% Increased Experience
   - Cost: 5B
   - Time active: 2 hours
 + 1% Increased Drop Rate
   - Cost: 2B
   - Time active: 2 hours
 + 1% Increased Raid Drop Rate
   - Cost: 5B
   - Time active: 1 hour
 + 10% Increased Superior Spawn Rate
   - Cost: 2.5B
   - Time active: 1 hour
 + 50% Slayer Point Increase
   - Cost: 2.5B
   - Time active: 1 hour
 + 50% Skill Point Increase
   - Cost: 2.5B
   - Time active: 1 hour
 + 50% Chance Double Monster Materials
   - Cost: 1B
   - Time active: 1 hour



+ Additional Slayer Superiors

Not many monsters have a superior version, on the current version there are only 15 superiors. While that's a decent amount, we felt that because of that superiors weren't spawning as much as it could be. We decided to add 8 more superiors so that it may be easier to get a superior spawned.

These are the following superiors that can be spawned from their task:
  - Added 'Malevolent mage' superior to infernal mage.
  - Added 'Marble gargoyle' superior to gargoyle & crystalite.
  - Added 'Flaming pyrelord' superior to pyrefiend.
  - Added 'Abhorent spectre' superior to abberant spectre.
  - Added 'Vitreous jelly' superior to jelly.
  - Added 'Monstrous basilisk' superior to basilisk.
  - Added 'Spiked turoth' superior to turoth.
  - Added 'Nechryarch' superior to nechryael.

We have added some more superiors to low-level tasks, so that newer players could get a superior spawned.




+ Demon 'type' changes

We've made some changes to the demon type list. This list is for items that refer to 'demon type' for increased bonuses, such as the enchantment of demon. However we made a distinction when it comes to the faceless king set, as 2% additional drop rate for these monsters/bosses would be far too much. We may still make some changes to this list and change depending on community feedback.

The current list refers to only items that refer to 'demon type' such as the enchantment of demon. This list does not refer to the faceless king set.

- Earthbreaker
- Bloodchiller
- Warmonger
- Any monster with 'demon' in their name.

The only exception being the faceless king set, which refers to only monsters containing the word 'demon'.


+ Power Charge (Already Live)
  - Reverted base damage nerf (increased back to 300)
  - Decreased power charge special cooldown from 10 to 7 seconds

+ Hellfire Burst (Already Live)
  - Lowered base damage from 320 to 295


+ Changes
  - You'll now be able to view your total EXP when hovering over your total level in skill tab.
  - Slightly buffed bloodchiller, warmonger and earthbreaker equipment drop rate.
  - Buffed dawnlight defender drop rate.
  - Buffed hellside imp horns drop rate.
  - Beginner equipment now has ranged & magic bonuses.
  - Increased the amount of runes, rune pouch can hold from 64k to 132k.
  - Updated the list of items that skillers' backpack can hold.
  - Lowered spawn timer for exorian nightmare multi boss.
  - Added new exo weaponry to the sacrifice list for 200 sacrifice points.
  - Lowered exo weaponry sacrifice from 300 to 200 sacrifice points.
  - Twisted horn boots now require lvl. 91 defence to equip.
  - Added banshee monster to spria and mazncha tasks.
  - Added new global announcment icons.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with the titan forge bridge fucking up pathing (lol).
  - Fixed an issue with beginner/exo staff not giving increased attack speed when using magic.
  - Fixed an issue with ironmen not being able to speak to the warrior guild npc at the top floor.


Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! Good luck & have fun!

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