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Q: where to find my slayer monster:


A: Your slayer task monster can be found by talking to the npc next to the slayer cave at slayer camp, Or buying a slayer ring for 25 slayer points that has infinity uses to teleport you to your current slayer task


Q: what is the next best gear to grind for:


A: you can get that answer just by clicking on the skill it is related to and scrolling through the Levels Tiers.


Q: what do i do with elemental stars:


A: elemental stars is a D & D, which means its a event that starts every hour on the hour, giving you star chunks which in turn you can use chisel on to make star dusts to upgrade your Heirlooms (heirlooms are bought with exo points)


Q: where do i get (X) and by X i mean A certain item:


A: try looking through every shop at home once you join Exora. that will help you choose your route of gameplay and even give you information on what items or supplies you can buy from shops.


Q: what is the price of this or that:


A: Exora is a brand new Eco server, meaning prices go for street prices and your negotiation skills, we even have a price checker and A Trading post (player owned shops)


TIP: we even have a "HELP" cc where all your other ingame questions will be answered, 

*We also have a discord where you can Voice chat other members or Staff for ingame enjoyment or Information.

*Making or joining a Clan will also be beneficial since its a Big server with Alot of content, having group members / friends will help in the long run.


We also have a dedicated staff team and a Support team that is always down to help you.


*Bennie (Owner and Founder) (Bug reports)


*LUMPLOM (Designer and content designer)


*Adam  (community manager and Admin) (Donation questions)


* Cheezmo (senior moderator)


Support team as of now :


*R e V






PM any of the listed names above, remember some questions can only be answered by the respective task holder. but all ingame questions can be answered by the Support team.


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