z3m0s's Work in Progress Skilling Guide

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Okay so I see a lot of confusion around skilling so I wanted to get something up for people to have a look at as they get into things on Exora.

Couple things to note:

- This is done quickly to help players upon release and will be edited as I progress.

 - This  won't include all skills to begin with, only those I have experience with.

 - I am speaking from the experience of the lowest xp gamemode (King) though it's safe to assume the xp rates are relative so what's good for me is good for you.

- Please feel free to comment any useful information below if you have it.



Three things I would recommend doing daily:

1. Vote - Whether you use the books for bonus xp/drop chance or sell them, this will benefit you greatly for very minor effort.

2. Check in Chest - Location just outside the bank at home, click it everyday for an attendance reward.

3. Check your daily challenges for great rewards.



What the hell are these weird custom item drops I'm getting like Monster Leg or Monster Tendril? Well they're drops you'll want to be collecting especially early game through slayer, they can be handed in at the table at the slayer teleport in exchange for a mystery box often holding gear upgrades at low levels. For the first level of collectible monjster pieces you will need to collect 25 of each to exchange for a mystery box. There are three of these in total at the first tier, all tiers and the amounts for exchange can be seen at the table mentioned above. These can be sold to other players alternatively or can be sold to the store for 100k each.


Level 1 Slayer Master

Okay first up is slayer, I have most early level tips as 10x keeps you at a low level for a while. 😛

1. Use the Slayer Guide - Located right next to the slayer cave at the skilling teleport slayer (Also found just north east of the home teleport) is the Slayer Guide. This guide is very useful for finding out the location of your slayer task which can be a little confusing early game for some players.

Some quick early game tasks to note are


Cave slimes

One that stumped me early on was cave slimes, they're found at the FREMENNIK DUNGEON at the second spot of mobs around the first corner. There is 5-6 in total and at the present time around release they're rather crowded and you'll likely claim just one spawn and be there for a while. This is a slow task currently given how crowded it is and the low spawn rates though mods have suggested more spawns will be added. The spawn time is 60 seconds and the task count is between 30-50 roughly so this is a RECOMMENDED SKIP.


Cave Slime location circled in red - They're coupled with the Rockslugs.



Cow Calfs

Another slow beginner task, to my knowledge the best place is the lumbridge spot via the lumbridge city teleport. There is only 3 cow calf spawns and normal cows are currently not accepted toward the task count (Note I have been told that spawn rates on the cow calfs have been buffed, though currently the amount of spawns have not to my knowledge). With the release crowd and a task count of around 40-50, this is a slow task and is a RECOMMENDED SKIP.


These were the main problem tasks I dealt with until reaching 25 slayer which is the requirement to move onto the second slayer master which is recommended immediately. Given current crowds on release and the lack of mobs for each of the tasks listed above, I'm inclined to also recommend cancelling your current task to get another from the level 25 slayer master IF you've already completed three slayer tasks and acquired 3 points to be able to cancel your task. This likely won't be a relevant note for long once crowds move onto later level content and more spawns are added.


Standard Lumbridge cows location if you somehow aren't familiar.



Level 25 Slayer Master

I've only experienced a few of these tasks again due to my xp rates and due to the time since release but they'll be listed here and updated as I go along regardless.

All of these are relatively easy tasks and offer little to none of the problems of the first slayer master.



Easy task, they're found just past the Cave Slimes in the FREMENNIK DUNGEON, there is a reasonable number of spawns and despite release crowds I had little problem with getting kills. Very simple task, obviously task amounts increasing as you move up to the level 25 slayer master, I got 60ish on average. I would RECOMMEND doing this task.


Cocktrices shown circled in green - Usual dungeon location for RS.



Hill Giants

Found below the dwarf warriors and the Lesser demons, standard spot for Taverly dungeon though for normal RS players you'd assume you would go to the edgeville Dungeon via the varrock entrance near GE, though it's unknown to me if that is an option, please comment if you know. The Slayer guide mentioned above recommended me to kill them at the Taverly Dungeon. Decent task, especially for beginner prayer training given the big bones, tasks amounts seem to be roughly between 45-60. I would RECOMMEND doing this task.


Hill Giants circled in red below for any unfamiliar.



Moss Giants

Very similar to the Hill giants, the main use is for early game / free slayer xp. They can be found just south of the brimhaven teleport and have a task amount of around 50-60. I would RECOMMEND doing this task.


Circled below is the area where the moss giants are sprinkled - Please note taking the BRIMHAVEN teleport will spawn you at the Black demons found just above the red circle on the map below. Originally I tried traveling north-west to the default listed Moss giants spot but found I was blocked by the labelled blue barrier which is the usual cut with a hatchet root blocker or whatever they are found at the entrance usually of this dungeon, I was not able to pass through this without a hatchet obviously, but I also didn't recieve a game chat message that I required a hatchet so I am unsure if it is functional.




Very brief guide here speaking strictly in terms of efficiency. It seems highly beneficial to just stick with air runes given the amount made per invent at least up until 45 when you might choose to move onto nature runes and/or 77 when you might choose to move onto blood runes.


Runecrafting can be started by going into the server information tab, clicking global teleports, clicking on skilling, then Runecrafting, then teleport. This will bring you safely to the Mage of Zamorak, nearby a bank as well as a hunting/alternative woodcutting location. You can purchase essence and pouches by trading the Mage of Zamorak as well as being able to choose to enter the essence mine if you choose. I would only recommend the large and giant pouch, you will need 22m in total to purchase both pouches.


For efficient training I recommend having your pouches and money in your inventory. To begin, right click on the Mage of Zamorak and click trade, buy an invent of essence and fill your pouches. Then left click the Mage and select the first option to be teleported to an altar, then the second option to be teleported to the air altar. Click on the air altar then click onto the portal nearby the altar, this will return you to the Mage of Zamorak and complete one loop.



Another simple skill, the trees at home are by far your best option as they do not decay, just move from the standard tree at level 1 which is found the most north of all of them clumped together behind the bank west of the home teleport, then move up to oak at 15, willow at 30, then maple at 45. Now this is where you can decide for yourself, I personally found that after oak yew slowed down my xp rate significantly so I remained at maple, though if you choose at 60 you can move onto yew, then at 85 to magic. I would recommend training fletching and firemaking with you as you go. Where you to acquire the infernal hatchet listed below you could train firemaking along with woodcutting as you went, though obviously you couldn't train it at the same time as training fletching. Woodcutting can also be a big help towards training crafting given the gemstone trees/gemstone hatchet also listed below.



You can purchase your hatchets from the general store and I'd only recommend purchasing an iron and rune hatchet even for 10x xp rate accounts. Other hatchets available in game are the gemstone hatchet equipable at 71 which is a custom item used for gemstone trees that can be seen at a variety of locations about the dungeons category of global teleports. For example you can see a sapphire gemstone tree at the blurite dungeon, a very helpful thing to note for leveling crafting. The gemstone hatchet can be purchased at the achievement store for 10k achievement points.  You can view your achievements by clicking on the third option in the server information tab, where the global teleports are. You can view your current points via the same tab by clicking on the "Points: Click me!" portion of the server information found at the bottom of the player statistics sub-tab. The other available hatchet is the infernal hatchet available at 85 which will burn all logs alike an OP infernal adze. To my knowledge at the present time this is available for 35k achievement points via the achievement shop at home or a $25 donation purchase through the online Exora store found above.



Much alike woodcutting it is very simple to efficiently level mining, I recommended skipping quickly from copper to iron to gold and remaining there as alike maple trees, it is mining's most efficient xp rates in my opinion, coal and up become to slow to benefit further. Not however there is an easy achievement for mining 200 copper that gives some nice early game rewards that might be of interest to you. All ores like Woodcutting can be found at the home teleport just south of the bank.



In addition to finding your standard pickaxes at the stores at home, there are also two custom pickaxes. Firstly the blurite pickaxe is used to vastly increase the mining rate of blurite, though at this time I'm unsure of blurites use, I'll be sure to update this as I gather further information. And secondly is the Infernal Pickaxe, brother to the Inferal hatchet, this tool will smelt ores you mine into bars for you and can be acquired via the achievement store at home for 35k achievement points or also via a $25 store donation.


Thank you

Thank you all for attending my first Ted Talk, I plan to edit and advance this guide as I move further along in my Exora journey. If you have anything to add here or noticed something I missed or that is incorrect please comment below! I hope this helped all you noobs in the process of beginning your journey to glorious pwnage.


First update 10 minutes after posting? What a cool guy this z3m0s dude is. . . ANYWAY




Okay so I would highly recommend using the skilling teleport for theiving as the stalls at home seem lackluster at best for training, the only real advantage is the early level money making that the level 1-75 home stall provides compared to the 1-75 prices on stall items shown below. I'm unsure as to the level 75+ stall money pouch amounts so I can't compare them to the gems available listed below for sale in the thieving shop, but I would assume they're similar if not better to what the home stall could provide when considering both xp and gp together.


Level 1 - Bakers stall

Level 25 Silk stall

Level 35 Fur stall

Level 65 Spice stall

Level 75 Gem stall


The shop below can be found north of the thieving skilling teleport. A useful shop to sell your thieved items and also by the looks of it a good place for crafting xp as you can purchase a large amount of uncut gems from here (keep in mind these are not notable, if you wish to train crafting via this stall you will need to bring cash and a chisel with you). A good alternative if you didn't wish to gather the uncuts via gemstone woodcutting.




Keep in mind there is an easy achievement for stealing from a fur stall 100 times, you will recieve 10m and 2 small xp lamps for completing this easy task which considering the 6-12m total made at the home stalls from 1-75 makes the skilling teleport stalls far superior for money by almost double.


If you choose to use the stalls at home, here is some info for you - Some of the stats are exclusive to King mode (10x XP mode)


Okay so from 1-75 you'll be using the first thieving stall, this gives small coin pouches that give between 500-1000 gp each. SO keeping in mind I am a 10x xp account and this next piece of information is exclusively for "king" ranked accounts. You'll need to do 12k actions to reach 75 and advance to the next table, this net roughly between 6-12m. You will not be able to progress to the last stall at home until reaching level 99 theiving.



There is a small altar found hiding against the north wall of the bank at home and can take most available bones I have tried so far for added bonus xp if you have the time to do it. For early game prayer training all I have done is collect bones from slayer monsters, progressing onto big bones and dragon bones as I move on.


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Awesome guide, super informative, and would've helped a ton when my pms were getting obliterated at server start.  Just a little side note, cow calf respawn timers have been lowered, so they're not as bad as they were.  Otherwise great guide all around.

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3 minutes ago, broski said:

Awesome guide, super informative, and would've helped a ton when my pms were getting obliterated at server start.  Just a little side note, cow calf respawn timers have been lowered, so they're not as bad as they were.  Otherwise great guide all around.

Awesome, great to hear. I'll mention it in the guide. Is there any plans to add more of their spawns? Same question for the Cave slimes?

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Just now, z3m0s said:

Awesome, great to hear. I'll mention it in the guide. Is there any plans to add more of their spawns? Same question for the Cave slimes?

Not that I know of, but I can ask around and see what Bennie's thoughts are about the spawns.

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2 minutes ago, broski said:

Not that I know of, but I can ask around and see what Bennie's thoughts are about the spawns.

I spoke with an admin earlier who mentioned it was possibly in the works and I noted that in the guide. Some more info on plans would be great to add to the guide for peoples piece of mind if the early level slayer struggle continues with the crowds. Anything you could find out would be very helpful. 🙂

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I would recommended that giants ( hill, fire, ice, Mossy) should be done in wilderness, its more afk and there Are plenty. Its mulitcombat and they Are agro

Also they Can be turned into wilderness task for double xp and slayer points 

They Are found just above ruins, at the green patch next to obilisk 

And use vote books here for the extra extra slayer xp


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Smithing it's best to go to ;;zstorm 530 exp per 2-3 seconds.

Same with Magic. (2.5k ish exp per barrage) usually max targets hit per cast

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