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Please read the rules and make sure you understand the rules here at Exora.
Rule breakers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to their offence immediately.
Breaking the rules may result in a permanent in-game or forum ban.
Please abide by the rules, which can be read below.


Server Rules:

Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, & Other
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. 
This includes things such as swearing, spamming, harassment of any kind, or the use of pornography, racism, etc. 
This includes in yell, chat, clan chat, pm, and pet names. Players doing so will be punished accordingly. Furthermore, accounts created with names deemed to be offensive will not be tolerated.
Players are not allowed to disrespect staff or the server or engage in behaviour that may be deemed disrespectful.

Rule 2. Discrimination
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age, etc., that may make another player feel uncomfortable, isolated, or unwanted on Exora. 
This is seen as unjust or prejudice treatment and is considered highly offensive.

Rule 3. Multi Logging
Players of the Exora community are allowed to have up to 3 accounts online for the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time.

Rule 4. Use of Cheat Clients or 3rd Party Software
Player of the Exora community are not allowed to use any software that will render in a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, auto-typers, etc.

Rule 5. PvP Farming, PvP Cheating, or Luring
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in the unfair gain of Exora items and/or points. 
This includes actions such as farming (such as using alt's at battlegrounds), leeching or boosting, (player intentionally allows another player to kill them repeatedly for Exora points and/or killstreak),
luring (tricking players into wilderness with Items or false information), and cheating of any kind that allows an unfair advantage towards gaining items. Ragging and Griefing (the consistent PKing of another) are against our rules.
Players who repeatedly kill the same player and/or charge fees to use PVP content will be punished.

Rule 6. Hacking & Account/Password/Item Scamming
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way. This includes things such as knowingly lying about an items' price or use through trading, staking, or risk fighting, gaining access and/or tampering with another player's network or account(s) without consent, etc.
We hightly suggest players use account pin to prevent their accounts from being hacked. Exora will not be held liable for accounts hacked without an account pin authentication. 

Rule 7. Deleterious Bug Abuse or Exploitation
Player of the Exora community are not allowed to abuse or exploit any bugs or glitches that may cause an unfair advantage against other players. This includes but is not limited to actions such as noclipping, using glitched items to become invisible, gaining an unfair advantage during combat and/or duels, performing actions that bring excessive amounts of items in the game, and so on.  All bugs found should be reported to staff immediately to avoid punishment. Bug bounties may be offered depending on the severity of the bug however should not be requested or used as leverage.

Rule 8. Advertising
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to advertise for another server or website (including advertising youtube videos ingame). Advertised sites may be malicious software and is highly recommended against visiting. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game, nor on forums will result in an immediate IPMute or IPBan.

Rule 9. Staff Positions
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to ask for staff positions. Players are chosen based on maturity and previous account history, 
regarding punishments and the seriousness of those punishments. Staff members are chosen by the Staff Manager.

Rule 10. Impersonation of Others
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. 
This includes but is not limited to, usernames similar to staff members, falsely purporting to be a staff member. 
Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. In addition, those who impersonate others in attempts to get another player punished will be severely punished.

Rule 11. Privacy Rights
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to release the personal information of another player without their explicit permission. 
This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, DDOS threats etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication.

Rule 12. Begging
Players of the Exora community are not allowed to beg. This included asking for "free items", "loans", "events" or “rebuilds” or by spam trading other players/staff.

Rule 13. Dicezone Rules.
All players must accept the dicezone rules before gambling and these must be followed without exception.

*You are not allowed to plant/gamble for others.

*Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced trades/gambles. 

*Players are not allowed to gamble with the promise of a future donation.

*Players are not allowed to gamble items over trade.


Rule 14. AFKing bosses
Players of the Exora community are prohibited from AFKing while PVMing (including raids). We have a limited number of bosses for all the players and using up a spot while not actually being there can result in a jail.

Rule 15. Loans, lending, donations and trust Trades
Players are allowed to offer loans or lend items. Staff will not insure loans, lent items or trust trades. 
All donations bought in-game should be done with a staff MM without exception regardless of ‘trust’ between players. Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced trades/gambles on the promise of a future donation.

Rule 16. Help CC
The help cc is for players to receive answers on questions on in game content. Do not buy/sell/trade, roll dice, run giveaways, use block capitals or discuss support tickets in the Help CC. 
All rules apply in the help cc, hence flaming, offensive language, begging are equally forbidden in the Help cc.

Rule 17. Buying In-Name Donations
You gain in-game donator rank when spending credits at the "Credits Exchange" NPC found outside the bank at home at a rate of $1 per 10 credits spent. You do not gain donator rank from the initial purchasing of credits with real money. Furthermore ironmen can request to have their credits, that they bought from players on an alternative account, be transferred onto their ironman via Bennie. Therefore there's no reason to buy "In-Name Donations" from players thus eliminating the potential of scams or requiring the assistance of staff.
Rule 18. Rules on Voting
Accounts caught using VPNs or redeeming more than once every 12 hours will be banned permanently and have accounts wiped. 12 hours for every vote redeemed on IP/MAC. Due to abuse,
you can only redeem a total of 6 vote codes per day.

Rule 19. Real World Trading (RWT)
RWT will not be tolerated in anyway, this include purchasing/selling goods or services (Leveling, Real life Cash, Accounts, RSGP, etc)


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