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Raid rework idea


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Atm raids is dead content its way way to easy and drop table is insane and contain way to many shitty drops that makes the bis drops almost impossible to obtain, 

How Raids works

1 person go Drake - 1 person go Rotgut - 2 go Strykewyrm it takes around 1-3 min for each run, you

don't use any supplies, no punishment for deaths, you click ones and goes afk for the next min.

this is late game content and should be hard and drop table should reflect that.


  • 1 life:  (you still get loot if raid complete, you only re spawn if raids is completed to loot chest)
  • make it so you have to kill one boss before you can enter the next,


  • drop table contain over 78 items remove all those junk items, add some skilling supplies drops instead,





  • Increase hp form 25k to 100K - 150K
  • increase damage on jump
  • make it so when boss jumps. the area around where he lands take high damage



  • increase hp form 20k to 100k - 150k 
  • increase spawn rate on speical attack alot, every 10-15 sec and should last for 5 sec
  • Increase the spot the splash land on, like argus tonado attack
  • Increase damage for standing on splash alot, like argus tonado attack



  • increase hp form 20k to 100 - 150k
  • wyrm boss have a special attack where he spawns zombies, this should be spawn a random amount of times instead of 1 
  • change the healing 'wyrm boss' gets while minons is alive form attack damage to gain hp over time.
  • increase health on minons alot so you have to have more than 1 person use magic.
  • increase damage on minons 
  • increase damage on spikes.


  • increase hp form 50k to 150k - 100k - 50k
  • Add 5 min timer for boss to active rage mode, like blood chiller


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