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Locked ironman mode that can buy credits for gold coins

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Optional permanent ironman gameplay change, lose your ability to drop items (iron duplicates polluting eco), if u die in the wild ur lost items are deleted (preventing death xfer). What this means is your items u have and will get are locked into that iron account, this will benefit normal player eco slowing down the pollution, making it easier for normal players to sell items and should help maintain item prices and keep up item demand. You will not be able to sell items to the general store, but instead ironman shop 3 will function as the general store does for normal players.(ironman shop 3 explained later) "Okay so why would an ironman lock himself in and prevent him from ever being able to xfer his items he might want to gamble or buy credits for his iron."

Good question, the reason behind it is that we would be provided with one single change that will give us an optional path of gameplay, where rng heavy is the current nature this will offer a consistent grindable feat, like how you know the start mid and finish of slayer unlocks and skele grind, you will so here. I think it's healthy to have more avenues of gameplay, this wouldn't be possible with the current ironman nor for normal players that's why those restrictions are going to need to be required.

So if you lock ur past, present and future items to your account solely, you will have access to the 3rd ironman house iron shop, this will function as your new general store(to prevent xfer) and will also sell Credits for Gold the price can be changed to balance naturally, these credits will work in the shop at home, none of your items will be able to get into the eco but you gain the ability to switch between rng and consistent at your own leisure, to have fun playing in a diverse and free manor, currently irons can xfer money they get as drops or duplicates and buy credits so this wouldn't ruin iron intergrity or reduce potential donations in any form, i personally see myself playing the server for a longer period of time if this update was made so as i would enjoy the gameplay more be able to realize long term goals more realistically backed with good motivation and alternative plans.

- Hibiki
Current Supporters (IGN); Wiz Iron Keta Cubs Ima Jonasfetz

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