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Update Log #11 (Bank Placeholder, Bank QOL, Fixes, Black Friday Sales)


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Greetings Exorians,


Today we bring you a bunch of QOL changes, the long awaited bank placeholders and information about the Black Friday sales. Let's get started!


NOTE: If you do not have an updated client you will not be able to open your bank. So it is recommended to download the new client if you do not use the launcher. Download here: https://exora.io/play


+ Bank QOL

 + Bank Placeholders

The long awaited bank placeholders is finally here. Most players already know what this means, but let us discuss how exactly it works in Exora, and how you can placehold items in your bank. You are able to do the following:

  - You are now able to right click an item in your bank > 'release' to hold the item in place, even if none of the item exists in your bank.
  - You can now toggle the placeholder to always place hold all of your items in the bank. Toggling this feature off will release all placeholders.
  - Note: If you wish to use specific placeholder slots, then you can only do so when the 'always placehold' is toggled off. 

Here's how it works:

Toggled OFF:

Toggled ON:

 + Shift-Click
   - You can now hold shift and click to deposit/withdraw-all. This only works in the Bank.

 + Item Insert
   - The bottom left button now functions as it should. When it is toggled on, it will insert an item in to a different position without swapping the item directly to another slot. This is great for organizing your Bank!



+ Titan Forge

You are now able to 'Forge-X' your forges. Allowing you to do multiple forges in one go.



+ Changes
  - Infernal tormented demons HP and attack bonuses slightly increased.
  - Significantly nerfed the ruby bolts special.
  - T94 equipment now has additional HP bonus increase.
  - Reduced the attack/strength bonuses of tokhaar-kal cape.
  - New trimmed completionist cape requirement: Prestige 3 times.
  - Added an announcement when a player finishes a Collection Log.

+ Bug fixes
  - Fixed an issue with hardcore ironman yell timer persisting while having a donator rank.
  - Fixed an issue with the doubly bounty trinket (i) not working correctly with other chance increase drops. It should now act as its own chance to roll. Thus allowing you to receive additional drops even with collection log completion reward.
  - Fixed a bunch of pets being able to be traded. They will no longer be tradeable.

+ Credit Shop
  - Added feasts to the credit shop. Purchasable in x5 quantities.

+ Black Friday/Thanksgiving Sale

To celebrate thanksgiving and Black Friday. We're doing our first ever discount coupon code. These are the following specifics about the coupon codes:

Start Date: 23rd of November
End Date: 1st of December

    - Percentage Discount: 40%
    - Code uses: 50
    - Percentage Discount: 30%
    - Code uses: 100
    - Percentage Discount: 20%
    - Code uses: 150
    - Percentage Discount: 10%
    - Code uses: 200


Thank you for supporting Exora. We're still working on the server as always. Our next update will include the Christmas Event, Transmogable pets, a new battle pass, new login rewards and more 🙂


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