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Heirlooms guide


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Hello There!

Welcome to heirlooms guide!


We have some cool heirlooms for Pvming,skilling,pvp,cosmetic. these heirlooms gives great benefit during different activites!

Skilling heirlooms

- Fisherman heirloom (Task scroll hard/elite and washed-up caskets/credit store) -Screenshot_20.png.b3f27b8a4f382c08a46e1d0ba291dbf1.png

 you have 10% chance of double the fish when this  heirloom is equipped.


- Miner's jewel (Task scroll hard/elite/credit store) -Screenshot_19.png.0f74e3361fe1c892b3c3fd50b9832a2a.png

You have a 10% chance of mining double the ores when this heirloom is equipped.


Pvming heirlooms

- Collector (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store) - increases your drop rateScreenshot_2.png.e3a08b40e81c24aec2d3e527e35dd159.png

It requires Elemental dusts to be upgraded to max level.


Collector lvl 1 - 0,5% drop rate 
Collector lvl 2 - 1.5% drop rate   (1k elemental dusts)
Collector lvl 3 - 2% drop rate      (2k elemental dusts)
Collector lvl 4 - 2.5% drop rate   ( 3k elemental dusts)
Collector lvl 5 - 3% droprate       (4k elemenal dusts)


- Attacker (Exo shop,boss point shop, credit store) - increases your attack bonusesScreenshot_3.png.967ca7d51cdc3dc0c78a28e882ad6df0.png 


The Attacker heirloom greatly benefits in pvming. It helps you hit harder on npcs which makes it easier to kill certain npc. It can also be upgraded to level 5 max. 

You can also get it dropped from the world bosses (hecarim and khaashee) or buy it from the auction shop or people

 Defender  (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store) - increases your defence bonuses Screenshot_5.png.aa7ab6391539f7b50d03454b6c3f6fc3.png


The defender increases your defence bonus. It can also be upgraded to level 5 max by using elemental dusts.

- Healer (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store)Screenshot_7.png.701695a496f6ca525fb4c3cbe6b4d73a.png


The healer heirloom heals your hp every few second which is a great boost at bossing that are hard to kill. 

It can also be upgraded to level 5 max


- Couldron of venom (Daily Mystery box and King black scorpion  credit store) Screenshot_12.png.a7f46f9862849d4592604037514711ad.png


The couldron of venom its has 10% chance of  poisoning your enemies, dealing 200 damage which has a cooldown of 1 minute.

it can also be dropped from king black scorpion.


PVP Heirlooms
- Light bringer's sigil  (Exo shop, boss point shop, credit store)Screenshot_9.png.59e347bb9a90d5dfc5a9ba9a1e70319c.png


This heirlooms greatly effects when pking and there's a chance to strike a thunder on a player u fighting and cause 50-100 damage which has a cool effect too.


- Relic of recovery (Vote shop, credit shop) -Screenshot_13.png.399a4ab1094a46960a9d51e33cae1c7f.png


The relic of recovery increases the generation of your special attack which is a good boost while pking.

It can be obtained by ;;vote ( ;;claimvote) or by buying the votebooks. It requires 75 vote books.

- Death's grip (Zombie Storm Shop credit store) -Screenshot_15.png.0e36d4681c65bd772bbc7079f06ce752.png



This heirlooms can be obtained by zshillings at zstorm by killing the zombies. Its specialty is when your hp is below 100 you have 25% to heal full hp. It can be triggered after every 2 minute cooldown. It can also be used in pvming too :)


Cosmetic Heirloom

- Fire ball (loyalty shop) -Screenshot_16.png.be8a2150b520f2a29e7174f21307b8ff.png


A cosmetic item that has fire balls glowing behind.


Thank you

Made by: Killer200

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