F.A.Q. for starters!

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I'm seeing more new player asking the same questions, so here's a list of F.A.Q. that most new players tend to ask!

It's a long post but has useful information in it! Enjoy.


Here's a list of what we will talk about ,you can ctrl + f to search your specific question or read through it all.

Starter items | ExamineStarter money making guideBest slayer shop buysSlayer gem | 

Monster parts and what to do with themAuction housePrayer altarCommandsQuick Weapons/Gear guide

Shortcuts ctrl + g/hGlobal teleportEventsEnchanted and Bluerite chestDroprates

Daily challenges and chestQuest tabShoulder pets/heirloomSmall intro for titan forge

Small intro for raidsAdventure log/achievements managerGame modesPrestige

Exo/achievement/vote pointsPets and effects | Drop Catcher | WILDYTransmogFORUMS 




Starter items

All players who log-in for the first time will receive the starter set with the training sword.

The training sword wil have 2500 charges, you can increase this with scroll of charges.

You can get these scrolls from daily mystery box and chest.

The set will give you a drop bonus and some stats, the set will be gone after 6 hours of wear.



You can use the "Examine" option on almost all mobs and some chests in the game to show the drops/rewards.

The drops you can see from the mobs will also show how rare an item will be.


Starter money making guide 

Anything can be a moneymaking method in Exora.


For starters i would highly recommend doing slayer, this is one of the methods that gives you cash after completing a task.

The master i would recommend for money and points would be Spria, this master is by far the fastest.


::estar is also easy money, the chunks/dust you get can be sold to other players. You need 60 mining to start out with estar.


Another method if you are a bit further in the game would be Celestial cave or Abyssal Horrors

These mobs drop items you could directly sell in the general store for straight cash.


Best slayer shop buys 

I would recommend getting slayer ring ASAP. This will make your slayer tasks alot faster/easier.

The points you receive afterwards could be used on a couple of things.


If i can give 1 tip for starter players doing slayer, do not unlock firelands.

This zone is hard AF the mobs are tough and you need a certain buff or a necklace to stay in this zone.

The buff you need is called ebonchill potion and the necklace is called Amulet of eternal fire (rare to get).

I would wait to unlock this until you get decent gear.


Highly recommend getting special drops, the reason you unlock these is mainly for the slayer box/points scroll.

Scrolls can give 3-6 slayer points. The box can give you several things like Black sled, Black octo f* and ganodermic armor,

which you can sell to the gen store for 8-10m a piece.


After that you could unlock anything you want, this is personal choice really.

I would not get anything else from the "Buy" section after the slayer ring.

You could get bonecrusher if you want but again personal preference.


Slayer gem 

When you start out you should have this gem in your inventory.

The only option you should look for is the last option, this will tell you the location of you slayer task

The slayer armor option is when you have 99 slayer, this will take 100m from your inv and give you slayer master armor


Monster parts and what to do with them

Monster Machine 

This link will tell you exactly what the monster parts do and what you can get from the boxes


Auction house

The auction house is located near the bank at ::home.

In here you can sell your items, the interface is easy to use.

What most people don't notice/know is that you can buy x from other people.

So if you need to buy bones or other stacked item you can just right click 'Buy' and 

the option to 'Buy x' will appear.


Prayer altar

There is a prayer altar near the bank at ::home.

Here you can use your bones on the altar for bonus xp.

You can also switch prayer books/curses in here.

There are also a couple usefull commands for switching pray/mage modes:

::curses on/off






There is a simple but useful command in the game going by ::commands

This will show you the commands that are in the game for players.


Quick Weapons/Gear guide

Combat Gear

Use this post to get more info on gear.

It is easy to use, you just have to click on the icon/slot, this will open a page with screenshots of the stats and ranking


Shortcuts ctrl + g/h

So there are 2 shortcuts that i know of in the game.

These are ctrl + h and ctrl + g

'h' will just send you home like ::home

'g' will open the global teleport interface

There is also an option to zoom in/out with ctrl + MWHEEL UP/DOWN


Global teleport

Global teleports you can find with ctrl + g, in the quest tab or at home npc near the portal icon on minimap

This interface will get you to all locations in Exora. 



There is an event tab inside of the quest tab. This you can find by clicking the blue icon on the top right in the same window.

You can go back by clicking the green icon and in here you can also see if bonus xp and droprates are enabled.


Here you can find the timers for the automatic events held in the game, like ::estar, ::khaashee or ::hecarim

::estar is really important, this event is used to upgrade heirlooms to the next level to get increased bonuses.

The chunks you get from here can be made into dust (70 crafting). This is also considered a decent moneymaking method.

The dust you get from ::estar can also be used in titan forge or to upgrade certain herilooms.

::khaashee is an eventboss, you can pray mage or range here. There is a mechanic where khaashee drains your prayer.

::hecarim is also an eventboss, you can pray range here and you'll be set.


There are certain days where staff held events are present, these will be posted on discord/forums.

Watch out for these events, could give you quite the rewards.


Enchanted and Bluerite chest

While you are killing mobs in the game you can get enchanted keys, loop/tooth halves

and bluerite polish (after you unlock special drops from slayer).

Enchanted chest is located at ::home south side of bank

Bluerite chest is located in Shadow dungeon, run all the way up north.

You can look-up the rewards by right click "examine".



There is a mechanic called "Drop rate" in the game.

The only thing you have to know with the rate is, the higher the better.

This mechanic will make it so that you have more rare drops.

Drops in this game are still RNG, so dont take the drop rate % for granted.

Daily challenges and chest

There are tasks you can perform daily in the tasks system tab (between stats and combat styles).

These will give you a daily box with certain rewards, these are worth doing.


Quest tab

In the quest tab you can find quite the info.

Drop tables, achievements, killcounts, adventure log, task, points, playtime, game mode.


Shoulder pets/heirloom

In the previously linked Combat Gear guide you can find the link for Heirloom and Shoulder pets.

In short, these are items that increase certain stats and have some effects.

These items are worth to get, go check them out.


Small intro for titan forge

South of home there is a forge called the "TitanForge". In here you can make special items.

Most of these items have a certain success rate, if you fail you lose all of the items put in.

Some of the items have a 100% chance to succeed.

There is a way to increase the chance, this is by equipping "Titan Master's Gauntlet" found in the voting shop.

The increased chance is only 5%.


Small intro for raids

We have 2 raids as of making this post, Raids and Argus.

Raids is not that hard, you can do it with mediocre gear and a decent group.

Argus (didn't do this myself) seems a bit harder with certain Jad-like mechanics.

Raids1 can drop the BIS armor while Argus can drop the BIS weapons and capes.


Adventure log/achievements manager

These speak for themselves, a method to check your achievements and logs

The 2 things i would look out for in the logs are the drop rate bonuses. 0.15% in total but noticable and you get it for free.


Game modes

Certain modes in the game you can pick of are:

Sir: this is your standard mode with no certain benefits. Prestige cap of 3

Lord: First mode with benefits, 1% extra droprate but with lower xp gains. Prestige cap of 5

Baron: With even lozer xp gain but increased drop rate of 2.5%. Prestige cap of 7

King: the hardest mode but the most worth it. a whopping 5% of extra droprate. Prestige cap of 10

Baron and king also have increased Prayer points, hit rate and sword charges, 250 points, 

5% hitrate and 3500 charges for baron and 500 points, 10% hitrate and 5000 charges for king



Prestiging in this game is just the following. Your combat stats get set back to 1. 

You get certain bonuses like increased health, prayer and damage per level.


Exo/achievement/vote points

While you play the game you gain exo points by killing mobs, completing achievement, etc

Achievement points you get by completing them. The achievement are rated by difficulty and you gain 

extra points for doing harder tasks. you have the following ranking: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite.

Vote points speak for themselves.

For each of these points you have a shop, these are located at home.

Exo points is near bank and the other 2 shops are east of exo shop.


Pets and effects

Sometimes when you get lucky (either skilling or pvm) you can receive a pet.

Boss pets have a bonus that you get an increased 0.25% on that boss' loot table.

Certain bosses also have a shoulder pet (GWD bosses) these give a 0.15% increased droprate on that

certain boss.


For skilling pets"

Beaver (woodcutting), x2 logs/gems.

Heron (fishing), increased fishing speed.

Rock golem (mining), increased mining speed.

Racoon (thieving), extra money (we think).


Drop Catcher

Drop catcher is a super useful item in the game. It will be a bit costly but worth the price.

You can put in what items you want picked up. Some items will be auto-pickup, these you cant add anyway.

Even if the list seems full, you can still add items.

1 tip i found out after week of playing myself is that, if your inverntory is full the drop catcher will bank your drops.



So before you do anything in the wildy, if you have ANY custom piece of equipment you cannot attack 

other players. Beware if you go into the wildy it's at own risk, if you lose any items it's on you.

"Don't go into the wilderness with items you aren't willing to lose."



There is a NPC east of ::home teleport where you can transmog your gear/weapon. 

If you decide to transmog an item it will use that item and place it in the transmog gear tab (bottom right),

you can also remove items from the gear tab to get your item(s) back.

Fashionscape, 'nuf said



Most new players do not notice of how much info there is on the forums and how much work was put into making this a possibility.

If you are a new player, please check out our forums ^^



Hope you enjoyed reading, i know its long but it should answer most new players' questions.

If you have feedback or additional info you want to be seen in this post please leave a reply!

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really nice guide, just what the server need. keep up the good work brother



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