Skilling Minigames (Tree Ent)

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Tree Ent Boss
This would be a safe minigame, And would also have a Ent pet as a reward


How the Ent would work:

The Tree Ent has 35k Hitpoints.

Whenever you chop the Ent you get a Ent parts Trading_sticks_10000.png.3aed47f8ded43d79ef7143609f531932.pngand they would be exchangeable for woodcutting supplies or skilling boxes. 

Your damage to the Ent is based off of the Kind of Axe your using.

Infernal doing the most and applying a burn status effect upon the Ent dealing damage comparable to poison and burning the Ent for Firemaking XP.

The Tree Ent would have Three Phases

First Phase being the Chopping phase

The Ent will do a AoE stomp hitting players for a 25 at a 75/50 rate once every 4 seconds, The Ent will also be aggressive to 1 Player at a time doing consistent damage to them.
You will be rewarded Ent parts
Trading_sticks_10000.png.3aed47f8ded43d79ef7143609f531932.png for the amount of damage you do during this phase.

Second Phase the Burning Phase
The Ent will continue to do an AoE except this time its for 20 fire damage every 3 ticks and can increase the damage Double if players are within 1 tile of each other.

You will have to burn the shield off of the Ent by kindling the flames in order to get to the next phase. (This phase will grant Firemaking XP)
Wearing a full set of pyromancer will increase you damage for each piece worn.

Third Phase the Enrage Phase
The Ent will combine his attacks burning for 10 damage every 3 ticks also Doubling if players are within 1 tile of each other and doing 25 AoE at a 50/50 rate once every 4 seconds to all players.

You will be able to either burn the Ent or chop the Ent in this phase.
Burning the Ent will give 50% increased XP  from Second phase.
Chopping the Ent would grant Double Ent Parts
Trading_sticks_10000.png.3aed47f8ded43d79ef7143609f531932.png based off of damage.

Rewards for Ent:

You would open a chest at the end of the Ent kill and it would grant skilling supplies commonly and also have a rare chance of granting Infernal Tools or Gemstone hatchets

Always drops

Common Table

x50 Ent Parts
x100 Magic Logs
x100 Yew Logs
x100 Bowstring
x1 Skilling Box

Uncommon Table
x100 Ent parts
x250 Magic Logs
x250 Yew Logs
x250 Bowstring
x1-2 Skilling boxes

Rare Table
x200 Ent Parts
x500 Magic Logs
x2-3 Skilling Boxes
x1 Infernal Hatchet
x1 Infernal Pickaxe
x1 Gemstone Hatchet
x1 Starved Ancient Effigy

Very Rare

x1 Beaver Pet
x1 Ent Pet
x1 Random White Pet*
x1 Fiery Sled

ULTRA RARE (would be made available if
Skillers Backpack Utility gets Passed)
x1 Skillers backpack

We will have to decide as a community what we would like the see from the Skilling Boxes 

Please make suggestions and give feedback on these rewards as well.

There will be another Mining/Smithing Boss I will be suggesting if this gets implemented



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really like this idea. server could use some more skill based content 



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