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Weekend Event Extravaganza #4

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Hey guys,

Following such a great launch, and with the festive season in full flow, we would like to thank the community for their unwavering support. As a result, we will be doing a weekend full of events beginning Saturday (6th February) to Sunday (7th February). The timeline will be as followed:

Saturday Timeline (PST) = (GMT-8) 

11AM: Drop Hunt [keta]

1PM: Pet Hunt [keta]

3PM: Massboss Event [saladin]

5PM: Hide N Seek  [saladin]

9PM: Double drop 


Sunday Timeline (PST) = (GMT-8) 

9AM: Drop Hunt [keta]

10AM: Massboss Event [saladin]

1PM: Pet Hunt (Ragnos)

3PM: Hide N Seek [flafffy]

7PM: Double drop


Coinciding with all of this, Double XP will run at points in the weekend as a token of gratitude.

Exora Staff Team.

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nice cant wait to max my ironman this weekend keep up the good work 


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3 hours ago, Kidtrix said:

Another pog weekend? Let’s hope it’s better than last weeks!

im so forgetful, i need to set an alarm

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