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Update Log #10 (Faceless King Raids, QOL, Changes)


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Greetings Exorians,


First of all (as always) thank you for your support. This update brings the long awaited Faceless King raid. As well as a bunch of QOL/changes. It's a short update log, as the raid took a bit longer than expected. Let's get started.


+ Faceless King Raid

You will now be able to group up with a team, or solo to defeat the Faceless King. You will no longer be required to farm the essences. Making it a bit easier to farm faceless with a group of 4 or less. The global Faceless King will still remain in the game for events. 

Changes to Faceless King raid:

- Faceless king HP has been reduced from 250k to 175k.
- Faceless towers HP has been reduced from 15k to 2.5k.
- Faceless soulcage will now require 150 faceless king kills instead of 75.
- Completionist cape requirement increased from 10 to 50.

In order to access the Faceless King raid you must have completed 50 Lietrye raids. The faceless king can be accessed by talking to him in the raids house, next to lietrye and argus.


+ Zoom

- Increased the view distance by +10 tiles while zoomed out. A new client is required to have this change working. Can be downloaded at: https://exora.io/play If you use the Launcher, all you have to do is run the launcher.


+ Changes

 - Ragnos' backpack will now also pick-up coins from a direct monster drop table.
 - You can now use the commands ::dz/::mz for donator zone/master zone.
 - Executioner's blade now has a lvl 70 attack requirement.
 - Nebula equipment now has a 94 mage requirement.
 - Orthite equipment now has a lvl 94 range requirement.
 - You can now make overloads with (4) extreme potions.
 - Halved the respawn timer for custom hunting monsters.
 - You can now teleport directly to rimmington via global teleports.
 - Infernal tormented demons now significantly easier - it will now only protect from melee damage.
 - Renamed the burnt chest object to magma chest - and all of the references to burnt chest have been renamed to magma.
 - You will now be able to progress all 'bury bones' tasks via offering the bones to altar.
 - Buffed flame king's greatsword strength and attack bonuses.
 - Buffed demonic glaives strength and attack bonuses.
 - Buffed all blowpipes significantly.
 - Added more jungle horror and desert lizard spawns.
 - Woodcutting/mining messages will now be filtered if you have it toggled to filter.


We have been asked by players to let you know what we're gonna be working on and upcoming updates.

These are the following items we'll be working on:

- Bank placeholders & QA banking
- Skilling update (tasks, special unlocks, boss, moon progressive benefits & more)
- Christmas event
- Introduction of new weaponry equivalent to titanite sword.
- Battle pass rewards
- Credit shop update
- Interface revamps
- Forest dungeon (equivalent to celestials/magma)

& There is a lot more. There is no immediate time frame for these, except for the Christmas event which will likely be released sometime begin-mid december. Do let us know if there's something you guys want us to work on.  We appreciate any and all suggestions.


Thank you for taking the time to read through these update logs! Good luck & have fun!

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