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Small Update Log #3 (Slayer Changes, Fixes & Others)

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Hello Exorians,


This update will bring some changes to slayer, and has bug fixes and general changes. It's a rather small update, we're working on other content behind the scenes. For now this it it. Hope you enjoy, GL & Stay safe!


+ Slayer Changes

Base points gained per master has been changed from only giving 1 to the following:
Spria: 1 task point
Mazncha: 1 task point
Vanakka: 2 task points
Chaeldar: 3 task points
Sumona: 3 task points
Kuradal: 4 task points

It will now tell you on what slayer streak you are on completion of your slayer task.

- Spria Master
Spria will no longer progress your slayer streak.

- Superiors
Slightly increased the rate at which superiors spawn.
- Fixed an issue with celestials superiors.
- Fixed an issue with superior strykewyrm.

- Tasks
  - You can now kill baby blue dragons when on blue dragon task.
  - You can now kill dagannoth guardians while on dagganoth task.


+ General Changes
- Lowered the prices of all items in the exo shop.
- It will now cost you 25 boss task points to skip a task.
- Zulrah boss task kill count increased.
- Abyssal demons no longer give 50 exo points.
- Increased the speed at which you mine coal.
- Lowered elderwood hecarim global timer from 9 hours to 5 hours.
- Added bankers in the regular dzone and masterzone near the fishing areas.
- Challenge scrolls can be added to drop catcher.
- Buffed vote mystery box "lump's abomination" equipment set.
- Lowered desert lizard respawn delay.
- Kurasks now have a drop table.
- Lowered the amount of superior essence needed for true crystallic, titanite sword.
- Removed superior essence from titanite equipment excluding sword.

+ Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue with ebonchill having a slayer requirement to unlock. You can now unlock at any level. Just depends on the slayer master.
- You can now use the teleport function when your slayer helmet is in your inventory.
- Zulrah boss task coin drops will now drop under the player.
- Fixed a slight issue with Hanto's dialogue.
- Fixed an issue with having to click prayer altar twice, to recharge your prayer if you have a prayer boost.
- Fixed an issue with cow ring of slayer teleport.
- Fixed an issue with master donators being able to open the monster spawner.
- Fixed an issue with certain items not having a sell value in the general store.
- Behemoth now has a yellow dot on map.
- Fixed an issue with dark celestial superiors not being able to be attacked.
- Fixed an issue with the donator drop rate not being properly displayed.


We'll be working on new content for the next update. For sneakpeeks check the discord.


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THanks for paitently waiting even though its a small update we are continuosly working to fixbugs and add more suggestions just bare with us


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Bennie, you have a nack for coding some badass updates brother, I might download the server right now and start playing again, ill keep you posted on Discord.

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