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Update Log #9 (Halloween Ends, F-Key Binding, QOL, Fixes & More)


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Greetings Exorians,

Thank you all for participating in the Halloween event. We have much to learn when it comes to events, but rest assured we'll always strive to make the best content. I'm glad most of the players have enjoyed it. We also want to announce our official wiki we've been working on! It's still a WIP, if you'd like to help us with it, do let us know. You'll be rewarded! Check it out: Click Here Let's get to the update log.

Some updates require an updated client. Be sure to download the new one here: https://exora.io/play

+ Halloween Ends 😞

As you guys all already know. Today all Halloween events will not be in the game anymore. This includes; General Jack, Maggie's Quest, Adventurer's Log Tasks Titan Forge Items and Halloween Monsters. However the Exorian Nightmare is a permanent addition in Exora. You can teleport to it by going through the Global Teleports > Bosses > Exorian Nightmare. Its loot stays the same except for the shadow ripper t1 drop. Which has been replaced by shadow stone ring. This means the Halloween Home will also be turned back to the original home.
You'll still be able to use your halloween candies!

If you haven't already spent your Halloween Tokens (you didn't listen >.<) but just incase we left the Brother Jack shop available via the command ::hweenshop This will be open for 2 weeks.



You will now be able to bind your tabs to specific F-Keys. In order to access the interface go to the settings tab and click the bottom left button.


+ Monster Drop Table Redesign

We found the old monster drop table interface a little outdated. We also wanted to add in the ability to view tooltips in the monster droptable interface (which wasn't possible before). You're now also able to add the monster drop table you're viewing to your dropcatcher with only 1 click, saving you a bit of time.



+ Underwater Dungeon

  + Deep Water Slayer Helmet
You'll now be able to create a deep water slayer helmet. It is made by using aquatic spines on a regular slayer helmet. Aquatic spines is dropped from: Giant Sea Snake, Blubbery Snappers and Deep Water Snapper. The deep water slayer helmet allows you to use it as a fishbowl helmet. While also giving you +15% increased slayer experience. It will also still hold the regular accuracy/hit rate bonus while on slayer task.


   + Deep Water Kiteshield
A new shield requiring level 60 defence to equip. Obtainable from monsters in the underwater dungeon.


+ Enchanted Chest
  - Lowered of destruction armour rarity. Should now be a bit more common.
  - Added monster materials to the enchanted chest.
  - Added monster mystery box t1-2 to the enchanted chest.
  - Removed a bunch of useless items from the enchanted chest.

+ Changes
  - Book of dark secrets will now also apply to twilight weaponry.
  - Buffed the twilight wand ever so slightly.
  - Buffed drop rate of wind strider/horn in the snappers drop table.
  - You can now track your task from a task scroll by viewing its tool tip. (CTRL + Hover over your task scroll)
  - You can now use CTRL + S to teleport to the slayer camp.
  - You can now use CTRL + D to pick-up your pet.
  - Added the ::wiki command
  - Gothmog now requires x10 kills
  - Slightly changed the tutorial - also made it unskippable.
  - Removed the progress bar from the Task Scroll interface.
  - Lowered shadow ripper t3 double hit percentage from 20% to 10% - Slightly reduced the strength bonus.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with otherworldly being not being in the slayer location list.
  - Fixed a few completionist cape announcements.
  - Fixed an issue with the riptide pickaxe giving 0 extra corals. Minimum being 1 extra coral.
  - Fixed an issue with having to right click > bank 2 times before being able to open the bank. (Only happened when clicking from a far distance)


Thank you for taking the time to read through the update log! Love you all ❤️

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