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Construction Guide


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Construction guide 😄



XP boosts: 
White Octo 25%

White dragon: 10%

White Monkey: 5%
Vote book X2 xp

Weekend bonus: 25% / 24hour x2

XP boosts stacks with all above.


XP rates below. 

Sir: X60 XP

Lord: X35 XP

Baron: X15 XP

King: X5 XP


There's so many different construction options I'm going to hit the most efficient way to 99 🙂

To begin Construction press CTRL+G 13202e4983eb869004d1e8cc5b1e3f51.png>9082680d242e97a83daba0cdccbca455.png
All supplies can be purchased from Estate Agent3edf608956fecec661b4e4a573e36cbe.png


Level 1-33 Crude Wooden chairs, 2 planks 2 steel nails( per chair )6569b25f401cd612b7e533895d450e85.png

Sir: 4,032 xp 

Lord: 2,352 xp 

Baron: 1,008 xp 

King: 336 xp 

33-52 Oak Larders4654061733b735c309fc49263e01504b.png

Sir: 29,376 xp 

Lord: 17,136 xp 

Baron: 7,344 xp 

King: 2,448 xp 

52-79 Mahogany Tables ( or 99 if money is tight )01179cea57207718f0e386dd43079058.png

Sir: 51,408 xp 

Lord: 29,988 xp 

Baron: 12,852 xp 

King: 4,284 xp 

79-99 Marble Fencing If you can afford this ( made inside Formal Garden )d355e6472b890209e7267c77413fdcc0.png

Sir: 244,800 xp 

Lord: 142,800 xp 

Baron: 61,200 xp 

King: 20,400 xp 


Enjoy the grind, only takes about 30 mins for king on x2 xp

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