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Update Log #8 (Battle Pet Slot Additions, New Titan Forge Range, SoulCages & More!)


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Greetings Exorians,

First off we'd like to thank the community for supporting Exora. We appreciate feedback. We're doing our best providing the community with the best content RSPS can offer. We got a lot more in store for you guys! Now, for this update we're bringing you new slot additions to battle pets, a new titan forge range set, soulcages, and a lot more! Let's get started


+ Battle Pets (Ring & Enchantment Slot)

We're finally releasing the battle pet ring and enchantment slots! They will provide you and your pet with more stats and special benefits. They'll be obtained from the titan forge and boss drops. They can simply be equipped by your pet when you open the battle pet interface. If you don't know already, make sure to examine your pet! We have also added a few more new pets which are recommended for beginner-intermediate players so they can also enjoy better pets, other than the sad goblin 😞 These are the rings and enchantment scrolls you currently can obtain.

To create rings, you first need to acquire a reinforced ring base. Those can be made by using 15 lava bars and a ring mould on the furnace.

+ Ring slot
    - Ring of lesser power
       - Increases pet stats by +10 attack and strength.
          - Forge: Reinforced ring base + x5 titanite shards + x3 enchanted dstone + x5 enchanted ruby + x3 enchanted opal + x10 infernal plates
            - 25% success rate
            - Pet level: 5
    - Ring of war
       - Increases pet stats by +25 attack and strength.
          - Forge: Reinforced ring base + armadyl, bandos, saradomin, zamorak hilt + x7 enchanted ruby + x10 godwar plates
            - 40% success rate
            - Pet level: 10
    - Ring of beast
       - Increases pet stats by +35 attack and strength.
          - Forge: Reinforced ring base + spectral, elysian, arcane, divine sigil + holy elixir + x3 enchanted dstone + x10 enchanted ruby
            - 50% success rate
            - Pet level: 15
    - Ring of embers
       - Increases pet stats by +55 attack and strength and +100 special damage
          - Forge: Reinforced ring base + x300 firey ashes + x100 lava bars + ring of lesser power + ring of war + ring of the beast
            - 60% success rate
            - Pet level: 20

Note: You can simply hold CTRL and hover over the item to view its stats/lvl required.

+ Enchantment slot
  - Enchantment of hunger
     - 3% chance per pet attack for your pet to consume food level material while in combat. (Passively level your battle pet)
     - Obtained from Sunfreet
  - Enchantment of icebreaker
     - Boosts the player damage by +25% while attacking ICE type monsters.
     - Obtained from Glacor
  - Enchantment of firewalker
     - Boosts the player damage by +25% while attacking FIRE type monsters.
     - Obtained from Infernal tormented demon
  - Enchantment of preservation
     - 15% chance to preserve special attack cost on player.
     - Obtained from Ganodermic behemoth
  - Enchantment of overcharge
     - Boosts a player stat to 145 (combat stat)
     - Any permanent world boss

+ List of 'ICE' type monsters:
  - Monsters with 'Ice' in their name.
  - Monsters with 'Frost' in their name.
  - Monsters with 'Chilly' in their name.
  - Glacor
  - Ebonchill dragon
  - Tormented the Bloodchiller
  - Crystalite Gargoyle

+ List of 'FIRE' type monsters:
  - Monsters with 'Fire' in their name.
  - Monsters with 'Magma' in their name.
  - Monsters with 'Infernal' in their name.
  - Tormented demon
  - Cerberus
  - Balrog & Gothmog

+ New pets
  + Celestial fox pet
  + Dark celestial pet
  + Magma beast pet
  + Magma elemental pet


+ Titan Forge Requirement Changes
   - Added lava bar requirement to various titan forge items.
   + True Crystallic
We've noticed barely anyone has made these weaponries. Likely due to the crystallic shards. We feel that for what you're getting it's not really necessary to have it based on charges. So we've removed charges from the true crystallic weaponries. 
     + True Crystallic Whip
       - 13% chance to double hit, dealing 50% less damage on the second hit. Also provides 0.1% drop rate when equipped.
       - Success rate: 40%
     + True Crystallic Rapier
       - 14% chance to double hit, dealing 50% less damage on the second hit. Also provides 0.1% drop rate when equipped.
       - Success rate: 40%
     + True Crystallic Longsword
       - 15% chance to double hit, dealing 50% less damage on the second hit. Also provides 0.1% drop rate when equipped.
       - Success rate: 40%
   + Orthite Range Set
      - Range equivalent of titanite. 
      - Forge: Solari, Sirenic, 25M coins and 25 titanite shards.
      - Success rate: 60%
      - Benefits: Increases drop rate by 0.50% when full set is equipped.

+ New Gem Tree
  - Added the Diamond Gem tree.
  - Lvl. 76 woodcutting required.
  - Diamond gem tree is located North of Stryke Island


+ SoulCages

Soulcages are credit shop only items which allow players to grind out npc kill count in exchange for a guaranteed drop from that specific npc. The idea for this item is to have players feel like their lengthy npc grinds are worth it, even if you go hundreds or thousands dry.

There currently are only a small selection of soulcages (such as exorian, raids, crystallite, etc) but will either grow or be reduced depending on player feedback.
You may only have one per type in your inventory and can only buy one per type at a time (meaning you could still have multiple cages but they have to be different ones, cant hold more than 1 of the same type). You can buy another once you’ve filled up your current cage. You have the cage in your inventory/bank and start killing the specific npc to rack up KC requirement. Upon completion, you can open it up for a guaranteed rare reward. The reward you receive is random but still counts towards your collection log. You can examine the cage to see possible loots.

This item will hopefully help the long grinds feel more satisfactory as it also motivates you to grind out the KC, who knows you may even get the rare item even before filling up your cage! Soul cages will closely be monitored, and your feedback will be important, so we know how people feel about this item.

These are the current soulcages:

  + Argus Soulcage
    - Complete x250 Argus raids
    - Cost: 4999 Credits
    - Rewards:
  + Faceless Soulcage
    - Kill x75 Faceless Kings
    - Cost: 4999 Credits
    - Rewards:
  + Lietrye Soulcage
    - Complete x300 Lietrye raids
    - Cost: 3249 Credits
    - Rewards:
  + Dark Matter Soulcage
    - Kill x1250 Dark Matter Demons
    - Cost: 749 Credits
    - Rewards:
  + Crystalite Soulcage
    - Kill x1000 Crystalite Gargoyle
    - Cost: 499 Credits
    - Rewards:
  + Exorian Soulcage
    - Kill x300 Exorian Champions
    - Cost: 99 Credits
    - Rewards:


+ Completionist Cape Requirements (:p)
  + Completionist Cape
     - Defeat x10 Faceless King
     - Complete x50 Lietrye Raids
     - Complete x50 Argus Raids  
  + Completionist Cape (Trimmed)
    - Mine x500 corals

+ Abyssal Equipment
   - Buffed the Abyssal Equipment overall stats.
   - Buffed the Abyssal Equipment drop rate at Abyssal Horrors
   - Added a tool tip to Abyssal Equipment explaining its full set effect. "Reflects 10% of incoming damage"  

+ Changes
  - Underwater tank will now automatically recharge when leaving outside of Underwater Dungeon. (No longer have to wait for 0%)
  - Buffed twilight claws attack/strength bonuses.
  - Buffed artifact maul crush/strength bonuses.
  - Buffed tormented wings attack/strength bonuses.
  - Added Gothmog to bosses teleport (Don't think people even know he exists)
  - Added a bit more chat filters (Mainly the racist ones)
  - Lowered Gothmog, Adem and Chizemo damage. (Yet again)
  - Added Nightmare drops to World Messages
  - Cleaned up the world messages. Will no longer announce deep rock, frost fire and burning chest.
  - Made twilight devastation trinket DoT damage more visible. (Also updated tooltip to explain it has a 30 second internal cooldown)

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with some monsters counting twice for task scrolls.
  - Fixed an issue with armadyl, earth-dweller equip requirement.
  - Fixed an issue with not being able to clean grimy fellstalk herb.
  - Fixed an issue with broken sirenic pieces being in the collection log.
  - Fixed an issue with the grand drop rate potion providing the wrong information. (It gives 0.5% drop rate)
  - Fixed an issue with the trimmed completionist cape not giving the double vote rewards.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log. Leave a comment for a free Halloween mystery box! Good luck & Have fun!

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