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Hunter Guide (King mode) - Development Blog 10

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To start Hunter, go to 'global teleport' -> 'skilling' -> 'hunter' 

Talk to Hunting Expert to buy traps


To catch, click right mouse button, 'walk here' and lay the trap. You will catch immediately.


you can use 2 traps at level 1

Crimson swift.png

Level 1 - Crimson swift 

Trap - Bird snare Bird snare.png

Experience - 170 


Golden warbler.png

Level 5 - Golden warble

Trap - Bird snare Bird snare.png

Experience - 240


Copper longtail.png

Level 9 - Copper longtail

Trap - Bird snare Bird snare.png

Experience - 305


Cerulean twitch.png

Level 11 - Cerulean twitch 

Trap - Bird snareBird snare.png

Experience - 323


Tropical wagtail.png

Level 19 - Tropical wagtail

Trap - Bird snare Bird snare.png

Experience - 475


you can use 3 traps at level 20


Baby raccoon (grey)

Level 27 - Raccoon

Trap - Box trap Box trap.png

Experience - 500


you can use 4 traps at level 40


Red chinchompa.png

Level 63 - Carnivorous Chinchompa

Trap - Box trap Box trap.png

Experience - 1325


Special Monster



Level 65 - Lava kebbit

Trap - Lava trap 7b583b8a0a1285433545164fe917a08e.png

Experience - 1400

Located - Magma dungeon then run north or

PVP teleport to Ruins North-East then run south-east




Level 76- Frost ferret

Trap - Frost trap 3602013f1b7f385ff9ebabbebbb89db3.png

Experience - 1500

Located - Blurite dungeon then run south-east until you reach a cave. Enter the cave and run west




Level 85 - Void salamander

Trap - Void trap fe91a60231689ecc4f54e787e2a62ea9.png

Experience - 1625

Located - Dark matter cave then follow the path west or,

PVP teleport to Ruins North-East then run south-east



Check Cooking guide and Herblore guide to see what you can do with these monsters.



PS: No experience boost was added.




if something is missing, just say.

I hope it helps.


Hunter master cape detail.png




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