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Argus Solo guide


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Argus SOLO guide


As many of you know argus is an end tier boss which drops B.I.S weapons/capes. Argus is the most profitable boss in the game, which also makes him the hardest boss in the game( In my opinion).



-          126 Combat with all combat styles 99

-          25 Raids 1.


Gear requirements:

-          Melee style (Dravonic with Dm sword will do, but it will make the runs way slower)

-          Mage style ( Only Dm staff is enough, but full mage gear makes it way faster)


How should my inventory look?



Again it doesnt have to be like this, can be done with worse armour will just take u longer. I will list some things that are kinda important

-          Overloads

-          Anti Poison

-          Prayer restores if you DONT have hellcat

-          Brews

-          Strenght book/ Grand rage potion ( Just to make it faster, not really needed)

-          Food ( Only brews is the wave if ur going in with worse gear then i currently have)


Argus has 2 stages which i will take you through.

Stage 1: (Melee stage, mage and range DO NOT HIT in this stage).

Stage 1 occurs 4 times, from 75K TO 56,5k, from 56,5k to 37,5k, from 37,5k to 18,7k.

The melee stage(Stage 1) has 5 different attack styles, the most important things is to watch argus his body language in the melee stage.

Attack style 1: Storms


This style is by far the easiest one, just dont stand in the storm and it wont hit you. Argus can hit these storms multiple times per round, so walk away to a safe spot when he spawns the storms.


Attack style 2: Range ball, when argus lifts his sword, he spawns a massive ‘range ball’. Once he lifts his sword u should pray range. Body Language: Lifting sword



Style 3: Meteodor : When argus hugs his sword, there will spawn a red meteodor, this means u should pray mage. Body language: Hugging sword



Style 4: Melee: The most frequent attack style and the hardest one. Argus will give no ‘hints’ to see when he hits melee, the best advice i can give is: Always pray melee, unless he gives u the previously talked about ‘signs’, after u got hit with the range or mage attack instantly switch back to melee.


Style  5: Argus his special attack


This doesnt happen everytime, but argus has a small chance to curse a cast on you. This curse does 200 damage every 10 seconds. Taking an anti poison helps against his special. 




When argus hits the certain HP: 56,2k- 36,7k-18,7k, it will start laying on the ground. In this stage argus wont attack you, just keep attack him with mage till you do 20k damage



And now the things you guys have been waiting for: The 'Rare' rewards.


When not hitting the 'Rare table' u will always get 5 Mil cash, and some items. Approx. 15m Per argus.


Expect argus run to be around 5-15 minutes (Solo).


Guide mostly also works for Duo's/ Trio's/ Squads ( Only 1 person has to stand infront of argus when doing it with multiple people)


Here a little solo run:

bandicam 2021-10-14 00-51-35-431.mp4


The first few argus runs are gonna be diffucult, practice makes perfect. Doing the first few runs with a squad will also help the process.


Hope this helps atleast a little bit, GL on getting those scoria's 🙂



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