Development Blog 10 (Transmogrifier, Buff Foods & ALOT MORE)

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Hello Exorians,


Let us start off with thanking you guys for the support, we really appreciate you all.
Everyone is probably wondering when the server will officially release to the public. We're proud to announce that we finally have a date for you guys!

We are releasing 13th of December, 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1)

We've received tons of beta applications, some of you couldn't test and that's why we'd like to announce that we're holding an official open beta test for every discord user to join. All you have to do is simply message me on Discord and you'll be able to join in.
More information regarding the open beta will be released very soon.
Open beta start date: 11/19/2020


Now that we got that out of the way. Let's start with the new content packed update! This update focuses on custom skilling content, cosmetics, new equipment's and items.


+ Transmogrifier


We've been working on a neat cosmetic overrides system for Exora. Allowing you to change your appearence, but still keep your bonuses of your items. Should make for some fun costumes!

How it works:

You can change the appearence of your equipped items by equipping an item in the transmog interface. By doing so it will equip the item you are using for cosmetics in your transmog equipment. (You will need to have the item in your inventory.)
There are pre-set items in the transmog interface, with all categories except the ring slot.

You are also able to preview items and see how they look on your character.

Note: There will be a lot more items in the Transmogrifier! (We are taking suggestions)

Here's some media:





+ New Foods, Potions, Skilling Changes

We looked at skilling money making and decided to give it some more uses in the game, other than just leveling it up for the sake of it.
Hunter/Cooking/Herblore/Woodcutting now allows you to create various food buffs and potions that give you benefits when eaten/drank.

+ Hunter

These new hunter monsters, when caught give you their respective item. They can be used to make various buff foods and potions.

 - Lava Kebbit
     Lava kebbit can be caught in the magma dungeon. Level 65 hunter, and a lava trap box is required in order to catch it. Once caught they will       take 2 minutes to respawn.

 - Frost Ferret
     Frost ferrets can be caught in the blurite dungeon, near the ebonchill dragons. Level 76 hunter, and a frost trap box is required in order to           catch it.
     Once caught they will take 2 minutes to respawn.

- Void Salamander
   Void salamanders can be caught in the dark matter cave directly east from when you teleport in the dungeon.
   Level 85 hunter, and a void trap box is required in order to catch it.
   Once caught they will take 2 minutes to respawn.

  * Trap boxes can be bought in the hunter shop, at skilling zone.


+ Woodcutting

Enchanted stones are items that are acquired via cutting gem stone trees. They are randomly given. These enchanted gems can be used to grind them to enchanted dusts. They can be ground to dust via pestle & mortar

The following enchanted gems are currently obtainable:
 - Enchanted opal (Opal gem tree)  (Lvl 65 herblore needed to grind with pestle & mortar)
 - Enchanted ruby (Ruby gem tree) (Lvl 76 herblore needed to grind with pestle & mortar)
 - Enchanted dragon stone (Dragonstone gem tree) (Lvl 85 herblore needed to grind with pestle & mortar)


+ Herblore

You can now use herblore to create the new potions that will give you lots of good buffs while playing. They can not be stacked, and you will only be able to drink it again once the effect wears off. Level 95 herblore is required to make these potions.

   - Grand Drop Rate Potion

     Increases your total drop rate by 0.1% for 15 minutes. The potion only contains 1 sip, so use wisely!
     Ingredients: vial of water + dusted frost ferret
   - Grand Rage Potion
     Increases combat accuracy by 10% for 15 minutes. The potion only contains 1 sip, so use wisely!
     Ingredients: vial of water + dusted lava kebbit

   - Grand Void Potion
     Doubles the amount of cooked fish for 5 minutes.
     Ingredients: vial of water + dusted void salamander

   - Dusted Lava Kebbit
     Ingredients: x5 Enchanted Opal Dust, x10 Enchanted Ruby Dust, x10 Lava Bars, x5 Lava Kebbit

   - Dusted Forst Ferret
     Ingredients: x10 Enchanted Opal Dust, x10 Enchanted Ruby Dust, x20 Enchanted Dragon Dust, x5 Frost Ferret, 10M Coins

   - Dusted Void Salamander
     Ingredients: x5 Enchanted Opal Dust, x5 Enchanted Ruby Dust, x20 Enchanted Dragon Dust, x10 Lava Bars, x5 Void Salamander

* In order to make dusted materials, you will need to Titan Forge.




+ Cooking

You can now use cooking to make buff foods that will give you benefits. These foods are not the type of food to use while in combat, they can only be used once the effect wears off. Lvl 96 cooking is required to make these foods.

   - Grand Feast
     Restores 500 hitpoints and increases the rate at which you receive all monster parts for 10 minutes.
     Ingredients: Raw Grand Feast
   - Royal Fish Feast
     Restores 700 hitpoints and reduces the incoming damage by 15% for 10 minutes.
     Ingredients: Raw Royal Fish Feast
   - Raw Grand Feast
     Ingredients: x20 Enchanted Ruby Dust, x5 Enchanted Dragon Dust, x3 Frost Ferret, x3 Void Salamander, x3 Lava Kebbit, x1 Empty Plate

   - Raw Royal Fish Feast
     Ingredients: x20 Raw Squid, x20 Raw Lionfish, x20 Enchanted Opal Dusts, x10 Enchanted Ruby Dust, x5 Enchanted Dragon Dust,
     x1 Empty Plate

* Empty Plates can be bought from the cooking shop at skilling zone.

* In order to make raw feasts, you will need to use the Titan Forge.




+ New Heirlooms
We're bringing in some more heirlooms that have combat benefits and skilling ones. (If you're unaware what heirlooms are in Exora, they are an extra equipment slot that can be used for them) without sacrificing other equipment.

   - Couldron of venom
     Every 2 minutes you have a 10% chance while in combat, to poison the target with a bleed effect, dealing 200 damage. 1 minute cooldown.

   - Lightbringer's sigil
     You have a 10% chance while in combat if the targets hitpoints is below 50% to call down a lightning strike dealing 50-100 damage.

   - Death's grip
     When an attack hits you that gets you below 100 hitpoints, have a 25% chance to heal back to full health. 2 minute cooldown.
     (Obtained from Zombie Storm Shop)

   - Miner's jewel
      You have a 10% chance of mining double the ores when this heirloom is equipped.
   - Fire balls
      A cosmetic item that has fire balls glowing behind the player. (Loyalty shop)

+ Agility
Wilderness agility course has been added, and is an extra way to earn agility experience.


+ Argus
We made some changes to Argus regarding its drops.
   - Argus will now have socria weaponry in its drop table.
   - Argus now has the scythe of the unmaker (cosmetic) in its drop table.
   - Argus now has the mask of the unmaker(cosmetic) in its drop table.


+ Zombie Storm
Zombie storm has received some changes to its shop and NPC.
 - You can now ask the zombie master your zombie kill count.
 - Lowered the overall prices of items in shop.
 - Added the new Zombie King equipment set to its shop. (Increases the amount of shillings when full set is equipped.) 
 - Added the death's grip heirloom to its shop.
 - Added 2 new items that you can only equip with the required zombie kills.
 - Removed useless items, and bonecrusher from its shop.



+ Loyalty Shop
We removed the loyalty chest, and its rewards. Loyalist is now an NPC near the bank area that has a shop which contains;
   - $10 donator rank
   - Loyalty boxing gloves
   - Loyalty baby wolf pet
   - Fire balls heirloom cosmetic
   - Green sled
(We are adding more to the shop)

+ Daily Tasks
We have added new daily tasks. They consist of the following:

- Catch lion fish (Reward: daily mystery box, 10 squid)
- Cook grand feast (Reward: daily mystery box, enchanted stones)
- Cook royal fish feast (Reward: daily mystery box, enchanted stones)
- Catch lava kebbit (Reward: daily mystery box, dusted lava kebbit)


+ Chaos Altar
Elder chaos druid is now in the wilderness and is able to un-note your noted bones.

+ Achievement
   - You now receive an achievement set when completing all achievements.
   - Added ring of forging to achievement task "iron smelter".



+ Gambling
Gambling now has a 2nd screen to accept when entering a gamble.

+ Cosmetic Sleds
We've added a few different sleds with a different color scheme. Should make for some fun outfits! They can be obtained via the following ways:

  - Black sled, slayer mystery box
  - White sled, vote shop
  - Green sled, loyalty shop
  - Purple sled, enchanted chest
  - Blue Sled, master donator rank reward
  - Orange Sled, Immortal donator rank reward


if you have read this far pm me with "hhhhh" and your username.


+ Changes
- Changed the rewards for the 24h check-in chest.
- Changed the rewards for magma chest.
- Changed the rewards for donator tier rewards
- Changed the items in the vote shop.
- Buffed the regular mystery box, and changed its rewards.
- All bones overall experience reduced.
- Gem cutting overall experience reduced.
- Runecrafting overall experience reduced.
- Mining overall experience reduced.
- Dravonic demons are now a slayer unlock.
- Arrowheads now cost 1 bar to make 15.
- Scoria weaponry removed from raids.
- Heal box has been removed and changed to an NPC.
- Removed 1 hit mechanic from earthbreaker.
- Increased the attack speed of magma whip.
- Removed zaryte bow from the game.

+ Additions (These additions are excluded from the others in the update log)
- Tormented wings (dropped from tormented demons) has a 1% chance to double hit if equipped.
- Added more exorian champion spawns.
- You can now right click > view loot on the firelands altar.
- You can now right click > view loot on event bosses.
- You can now right click > view loot on clue scroll caskets.
- Scoria weaponry added to Argus.
- Added more cosmetics to the credits shop.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our update log! We are planning way more content, hopefully you guys will be there for the ride 🙂

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This is huge !!! Lot new stuff is added wow congrats to you and everyone who supported this , let’s keep it going , can’t wait for it to release! 

Big congrats y’all did a massive job. 

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