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We've been working on a neat cosmetic overrides system for Exora. Allowing you to change your appearence, but still keep your bonuses of your items. Should make for some fun costumes!

How it works:

You can change the appearence of your equipped items by equipping an item in the transmog interface. By doing so it will equip the item you are using for cosmetics in your transmog equipment. (You will need to have the item in your inventory.)
There are pre-set items in the transmog interface, with all categories except the ring slot.

You are also able to preview items and see how they look on your character.

Note: There will be a lot more items in the Transmogrifier!

Here's some media:



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On 11/14/2020 at 6:55 AM, ErikZakalG said:

Oh my.. Now this is a nice transmog interface. love it.


How are the transmogs unlocked?

You need to have the actual item in your inventory. That you want to use for appearance.

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