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Beta feedbacks

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Beta feedbacks


The beta has been out for a couple of days and I was wondering how you guys are liking it so far and I am sure the hard working staff team would also appreciate everyone's inputs.  Obviously it's still in developpement and any suggestions can be posted here 


I'll start.


I am really enjoying the server and I believe it will do very well.  It has alot of unique content that i've never seen before which i can't wait to grind.  Skilling wise, it seems very well coded, and the game modes will really please those who seeks a challenge aswell as those who just want to achieve the completionist cape and be done with skilling.


PvM wise, there seems to be a lack of low tier customs to easily grind for.  Considering the server is advertised as a custom server, I dont think many players will stick around if they're not getting the "custom feeling" early on.  Most customs seems to be locked behind high-tier monsters that are quite hard to kill with a whip.  Those armors and weapons looks amazing though.  Can't wait to get my hands on those.

I am very impressed by the staff team and their capacity of pushing quick bug fixes/updates.  Keep em coming!


These are my first impression of the server.



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We definitely agree that there should be more beginner customs, and more forms of progression for them.

W're in the works of creating more low tier monsters and equipment.


Thank you for testing Exora and making sure we're good on release 🙂

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