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Mini Log #1 (New Titan Forge Upgrades, New Battle Pass, Login Rewards)


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Greetings Exorians,


This is a mini update, introducing a few new items, general changes and QOL. We have a lot more coming in the next week (or 2) which will bring us the Halloween event. We'll be showing off a few things in #sneekpeak on our official discord.


With this update also brings a client update. If you wish to hide other players' pets you may do so via the settings manager. This specific change will require you to download the new client for it to work. If you use the Exora Launcher, you don't have to do anything but simply reloading the launcher.


+ New Battle Pass
Thank you all for participating in the battle pass. From now on; Battle pass will run for 2 months. Starting today, you'll have 2 months to complete the pass. The new pass will introduce a unique set piece called the 'glacial', and overall epic rewards. Here are the rewards:

  - Battle Pass Season 2

  - Glacial Set


+ New Login Rewards
We like that the login reward system can give you pets, that are otherwise obtained from the shop. So we kept them in for another month. We have added the plague bringer cosmetic set, fire storm longsword and the rest you'll see here:


  - Increased the rate of orange rewards and up.


+ Faceless King Changes
The update has mostly been extremely positive, allowing everyone to participate in a world event, and having to work together to kill the boss is something we love to see. We are bringing a few changes to the Faceless King, making him a little stronger, but with team work can still be defeated!

  - You are now given 3 lives, instead of the previous 2.
  - Faceless King will now scale its HP by +10k for every player in the area.
  - Faceless portal will now open for 4 minutes, instead of the previous 5.
  - Faceless king curse mechanic will no longer persist after that phase is over.
  - Faceless/Argus chest will now send items to your bank if you close without pressing the bank/inv buttons on interface.


+ Titan Forge Changes
We have removed a few items from the titan forge as they were rarely forged. As well as the addition of elemental heirloom and double bounty (i) trinket which is the upgraded version of the double bounty trinket.

  + Elemental Heirloom (NEW)
     - Heals 1.75% health every 2.2 seconds, increases drop rate by 2.5% and greatly increases attack and defense bonuses.
     - Forged by sacrificing all of the lvl 5 heirlooms (50% success rate)

  + Double Bounty (i) (tr)
     - Gain a 5% chance to roll an extra drop from a monster (Stacks with collection log)
     - Forged by sacrificing the double bounty trinket and 50 titanite shards. (50% success rate)

  + Demonic book
     - Reduced the success rate of demonic book from 75% to 25%

  + Titan Forge Removals
     + Infernal guard equipment
        - Magma elementals/magma beasts will now drop infernal guard pieces.
        - Increased the drop rate of infernal guard pieces on fire dragons.
        - Reduced shop value of infernal guard pieces.
     + Infernal cape
        - Obtainable only via the fire dragon.
     + Sirenic equipment
        - Blurite chest will no longer give you broken sirenic pieces, instead a workable piece.


+ Changes
  - Reduced the drop rate of fire strider wings, fire horn boots from Cerberus.
  - Reduced the drop rate of neon, dark lord and solari from bloodchiller, warmonger and earthbreaker.
  - Significantly buffed the drop rate of rare items on the king black scorpion.
  - Added more hobgoblin spawns in taverly dungeon.
  - Nerfed the twilight claws special attack.
  - Nerfed the twlight wand magic attack/bonuses.
  - Pre-nerfed twilight crossbow when equipped with off-hand (lol)

+ Webstore
 - Adjusted the packages credit amount to properly reflect what you get in-game. (You still received the right amount, just text saying you received less)
 - Increased the bonus credits of the $500 package.

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great updates, would love to see some sort of instance for faceless with the new scaling, that way when we farm essence ect, with a group we don't have to deal with extra 10k hp per lvl 40 who sits behind barrier till its 5k hp left

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