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Development Blog 8 (Construction, New Event Boss, Skilling EXP Outfits & More)

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Greetings Exorians,

We have been holding a closed beta test for a few weeks. We have since then fixed, and added a lot more content. Many players are asking for a release date, while we do want to release as soon as possible, we want to be 100% ready before we release. Though we're getting very close. Stay tuned on discord and we'll have a release date soon. When announced it wont be more than a month before release.

We've worked hard on the following updated, hope you guys enjoy!

With this update, we will also open up applications again. If you want to beta test send me (Bennie#8189) or Adam a DM on discord.


+ Construction

We've finally added construction! We used to have sailing as a replacement for the construction skill. As that change was years ago, we never really gave it a thought. Upon lots of players request we decided to bring construction to the game.

How do you train construction?

You will automatically have a house, you do not need to purchase it.
You can teleport to the estate agent and house portal by using the global teleports > skilling > construction.
The estate agent has a shop which you can purchase supplies from.


How do you get servants?

Servants are around the skilling zone, all you have to do is talk to the servant and if you have the required level and coins you will be able to hire the servant. It works similar to Runescape, they each have their own tasks they can do. As well as taking from bank.

Note: You need 2 beds in your house in order to hire a servant.

Underground dungeons?

Yes, with a trapdoor in your throne room you can access your dungeon and build there as well.


We're planning on adding custom content to it.

Here's some media (Portals will have different teleports on release):



+ Elderwood Hecarim

We've decided to make Elderwood Hecarim an event boss. He looks way too good to be a regular boss!

Elderwood Hecarim spawns every 3 hours, and is accessible via the command ;;hecarim.
He drops general goodies and equipment as well as Hecarim's Greataxe, Hecarim's great bow and eldywood pet.

To see its spawn time check your events tab.

Hecarim's combat is multi and will hit everyone in the vicinity. He has a special attack that decreases your defence and range level.
His main combat attacks are range and melee (close range).

Here's how he looks:



+ Boss Task Changes

The old boss tasks regarding the bosses you can kill was very lackluster. We've added a lot more bosses to the list.
We also added a clean interface to display the boss's information, remaining kills left, rewards and a teleport function to instantly teleport to your task.

Here's how it looks (Note: The rewards are placeholder):



+ Farming

You can now farm all types of seeds. Tree, Herb, Flowers and Allotments.

The farming NPC now has a teleport interface where you can favorite and teleport to any farming patch.
You can also use your items on the Martin the gardener to note your items.

There are now farming achievements to complete, each tier will reward you with a piece of the farmer's outfit.

Here's how it looks:



+ Achievement Changes

You can now obtain skilling experience outfits from completing achievement tasks. Depending on the tier you will receive a piece of the outfit. 
As well as other rewards from different achievements, such as gauntlets, and depending on the task different rewards.
Not all tasks have these extra rewards, we will add more to it as we go.

The rewards obtainable right now are:
- Prospector outfit, increases your mining experience.
- Pyromancer outfit, increases your firemaking experience.
- Squid's outfit, increases your fishing experience.
- Lumberjack outfit, increases your woodcutting experience.
- Farmer's outfit, increases your farming experience.
- Cooking gauntlet, decreases burn amount when cooking.
- Goldsmiths gloves, increased experience gained smelting ores to bars by 10%.
- Slayer boxes, a mystery box containing slayer rewards. (From slayer achievements)

Achievement tasks additions/removals:

- Added new achievement (Gold Smelter) medium task.
- Added slayer boxes to slayer achievement tasks.
- Added lava ore achievement task.
- Added mithril ore achievement task.
- Removed rocktail catcher 2 task.
- Removed rocktail cooker 2 task.


+ Fixes & Changes

- Fixed total level task from skilly's book adventurer's log.
- Fixed an issue with the LMS interface still being on screen, when leaving the queue.
- Fixed an issue with zulrah double teleporting when entering.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't do any actions after the gamble was over.
- Fixed an issue with ebonchill spear crashing your client
- Fixed an issue with light ballista hitting as melee. It now also requires ballista ammo to fire.
- Fixed titanite, scoria weaponry, horn boots, monster shield, tormented shield equip & others requirements.

- Made it more clear where your purchased item goes when you don't have enough space in inventory. (It will automatically detect overflow and send to inventory, if full bank, if both full drop).
- All slayer helmets can now right click > teleport to slayer camp. Boss slayer helmets included.
- Removed balrog protection prayers (as Firelands is already very hard to do)/However balrogs hitpoints have been increased significantly.
- Lowered task scroll elite kill tasks significantly.
- Added teleport to house via normal spellbook.
- Washed-up caskets now stackable.
- Made keys & billz bag stackable.
- Zulrah now drops monster materials/taskscrolls under the player instead of the npc.
- Slight buff to infernal pickaxe/axe resource proc.
- Buffed fire dragons drops quantity.
- Sky, Earth and Sea dweller now have proper drop rate bonus.
- Removed dark matter/scoria arrows from credits shop.
- Added a lot more items to the drop catcher list.
- Adding an item to drop catcher will now automatically add the noted version of the item to your list, so you can catch both.
- When you die in an instance it will wait before destroying the map, until you're back at home.
- Decreased dragon claws value to 10m, ags to 12, sgs to 8m.
- Increased value of nex pieces to 20m.


Hope you guys enjoyed this update. We'll continue the closed beta test, and if interested you can send me a DM on discord.


Sneak peak next update:



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