Development Blog 7 (Prestige, Lastman Standing, Chest Viewer & More)

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Hello Exorians,

I'd like to announce the official start of the beta 28th of August. Make sure to DM me your username so you can login.
If you still want to join the beta test feel free to apply here: 
Or send me a DM on discord.


What's new:


+ Lastman Standing Is Back!

Last man standing is a survival minigame in which your only goal is to compete against 20 other players to be the last alive!

Once you're spawned into the minigame you'll need a good sense of your surroundings. I advise looking over the LMS MAP to know which chests are near to your spawn. Spawn locations are randomized for every player each game. Chests consist of low, medium and high tier gear, and is completely random, along with some pieces of food.

Once the game has been running for 2 minutes, the fog will start to close in. It will slowly approach from all corners of the map and start to herd you all into a smaller and smaller space. If there's anyone left at the end of the game, your only option for survival is to head to the fog safe zone where you'll battle it out with the last survivors until someone is the last alive.

Vending shrines can be spotted in multiple places around the map. These allow you to sell items you've looted from chests in exchange for survival tokens. You can spend those tokens on items within the shop such as weapons, boots, amulets and armour.

Every 2 minutes, a magical loot crate will spawn into the map. This acts as a regular chest, along with one item from the rare loot table. Make sure you know where the spawns are, as you'll be competing with everyone else to get them!

The equipment in LMS are mostly runescape gear. Depending on what you guys like we can add more of our custom items in the LMS chests.

Game modes are casual and coins free (winner gets pot).

To begin a match go to global teleports > minigames > lastman standing. The game will only start once the player threshold has been reached.


+ Prestige

We have added an interface for prestige to make it easier to view your overall prestige bonuses.



+ Chest Viewer

Not being able to view the potential loot from an object chest, or item chest is very annoying. We made it easier to now view the possible loots from both of them. Simply by pressing examine on an object chest or item chest in your inventory.



+ Slayer

We've added more monsters to the wilderness for wilderness slayer tasks.

- Magma Beast
- Magma Elemental
- Dark Matter Demon
- Ebonchill Dragon

To find out where they are in the wilderness, ask the slayer master for help.

+ Changes

- Removed dark bow from general shops, lowered value to 10m.
- Removed dragon chainbody from droptables (old item).
- Removed kraken boss from the game as it was dead content.
- Nerfed all firelands monsters defence.
- Earthbreaker now has a 1% chance of 1 hitting you when close. Instead of the previously 10% chance.
- Khaashee dragon will now spawn every 3 hours instead of 6.
- Added fisherman heirloom to washed up casket droptable. Rate is very rare. (Fisherman heirloom gives you a 5% chance to catch double the fish. Works on any fishing spot.)
- Adventurer's Log is now available through quest tab in the quick actions section.


+ Fixes

- Fixed an issue where viewing certain items stats would blackscreen the client.
- Fixed an issue with prestiging setting your hitpoints level to 1. It now sets it to 10.
- Fixed an issue where multi bosses such as Vorago, Gothmog were giving kill counts only to the top damage dealer. It now gives kill counts to the top damage dealers in the group.
- Fixed an issue with certain monsters in the Firelands not giving exo points.
- Fixed an issue with smelting rune bars with the heating spell not counting for trimmed cape requirements.
- Fixed an issue with infernal completionist cape not being able to be equipped even with completed requirements.

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