Development Blog 6 (Website/Design Overhaul, New Monster Boxes, Gambling Rework)

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Hello Exorians,

I know that the community has been wanting to get a specific release date. While we want to release as soon as possible. We want to take the time to visit old content and balance it the right way. As well as fixing design issues. It's not a matter of not having enough content. We will however release sooner than later. We will likely have a time frame in the next 2 weeks.

We're also opening up beta testing in approx. 1 week. So if you haven't applied make sure to apply! You can message me on discord with your application or create a thread here:

Time for another update log. We've been very busy with the new design/website overhaul. As well as big gambling rework.

Let's begin shall we!


+ Gambling Rework

Our old gambling system was very clunky, and used the trading interfaces which was very confusing at times.
We've created a new interface so that it is much easier to start the gamble.

Players with a gamble permit can now host flower poker and dice duel to players without a gamble permit.

Here's how it works:



+ Donator Store Change

Many people usually want to know how an item looks in-game. We know the struggle, especially high end items.
You can now preview items from the credits store in-game.

Here's how it looks:



+ New Monster Machine Boxes

We've introduced new monster machine materials/boxes.

Dravonic demons, Firelands monsters and Ebonchill Dragon. 

They drop materials based off of the monster. Dravonic drops its head, tail and sigil.
They can be sold off to the shopkeeper or turned in for a mystery box based of the monsters type.
The mystery boxes contain the monsters' drop table, with a slightly higher rate.

We're planning on adding more monsters to the machine.



+ Website/Design

As you guys can see the design of Exora has been overhauled. We felt that the old design was very lackluster.
Feel free to browse through some pages to check out what's been changed.


Hope you guys liked it, there's more coming very soon!


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