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Transmog Contest #2


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  1. 1496670292_Transmogcontest.thumb.png.a2ff737c0c785625c277ed60b3cff379.png
  2. Welcome everyone 2nd Transmog contest here on Exora
  3. Sign up will end at: 19/09 20:00 GMT -1
  5. 70868531_whatistransmog.png.972c925f9e7ebca22e63465b701b92aa.png
  6. Transmog contest is an event that involves you posting your best outfit using backgrounds, pets, emotes and theme in comment on this post.
  9. Here is how you entry picture should look like: Gear setup must be visible 
  10. af80439dd347592aa4c3783ce422adde.png
  11. 868237938_Rulestransmog.png.4a6fc0d72d7862f680c7dc546ce5425b.png
  12. If you break any of the rules below you will be disqualified
  13. No Custom donated items / pets
  14. Only allow to use maximum, 2 items form the same set including Weapons
  15. You can only participate once in each contest
  16. You are NOT allow to ask people to vote for you
  17. Voting on your own Post / using a alt will not count as a vote
  18. Not allowed to post same picture from earlier contest
  19. 1864955586_Rewardtransmog.png.977e689e7741f310284254ad69e21ee8.png
  21. The player with the most vote in the 2nd round will win 
      Any Superior Pet ( credits store ) Level 12 pet
  22. Dinh pet armour
    1. Abby Demon Pet                     Stryki Wyrm Pet                Dark Celestial pet
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