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Exora's Community Poll 2


Exora's Community Poll 2  

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Hello Exorians

Welcome to the Exora general poll, we'll be asking questions about how you feel about the server so far, and what we could change in the future.
please answer each question honestly and thoughtfully, it helps us make better choices for future updates and changes.


We will be giving out a Mystery Box if you've filled in the poll, reply in this thread. Again, please be honest and think about the questions/statements 🙂

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question 14/15 is hard to answer since we dont  know droprates on items, could be my rng that suck, the 2 main difference with droptable on argus and raid 1, is that raid 1 got so many items on droptable

question 18, i would love to see some more range based content feel like going for range gear is dead content, or might buff range abit
and might change some bosses from magic based content to melee, take warmonger drops really good melee gear makes no sense that boss is weak to magic 


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