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Update Log #4 (Battle Pets, Nebula Set, Changes & Buffs)


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Hello Exorians!

Today we're bringing you a very exciting update which has been in the works for over a month. Battle pets! Not only that, we're also bringing in some general changes, QOL, buffs, fixes and more. We have a lot more unique content ideas planned stay tuned on discord to see a few sneekpeaks. We will use the next update to refine battle pets and introduce more customization to it, so if you have suggestions or find a bug, make sure to let us know. Before we get started, please download the new client at: https://exora.io/play if you use the launcher, then running the launcher will automatically update your client.

Also would like to take this time to thank the game testers, you guys have been a tremendous help!

+ Battle Pets

Pets have always been a rather fun part of collecting in Exora. There are many many pets which you can get. However there has never been a true use for them other than the increased drop rate you would be getting, and for overall fashion scape. Thus battle pets was born. All pets obtained from monsters (this includes raid, world bosses as well) will now have combat. Meaning when you have your pet out, it will now attack monsters with you. You can also level up your pet for it to deal more damage, increase its special attack rate, increase your account wide drop rate. Not only that, you can also gear up your pet with special pet armor. (At the moment battle pets only have support for the armor slot) future slots will be added as we refine battle pets.

How does it work?

- When you have a pet out you can examine it, it will display an interface where you can view information about your pet. Here's a screenshot:


- Leveling up your pet will require certain materials per level. Depending on the pet tier, there are different materials required. For example the lietrye materials required is different from the abyssal horror pet materials required.

- All pets have base stats, depending on the tier of the pet it may be lower, or higher.

- Pets can not die and do not have an HP bar.

- Stats on the pet can be increased by leveling or equipping with armor, rings, trinkets (only armor enabled as of this moment)

How do I gear up my pet?
You can gear up your pet by breaking existing equipment in to plates with a hammer. Depending on the tier it gives 1 up to 4 plates per equipment piece. Lunar chisels gives you a 5% chance at receiving an additional plate. Plates can be used to forge the pet armor. Titan forge has a new category called 'pets'. If you're unsure what type of pet armors are in-game, or what type of equipment can be broken. Visit the smithing item guide, or the summoning item guide. Once you have your pet armor, simply examine your pet then equip the armor via your inventory.



Are there pet level requirements to equip armor?
Yes. Level requirements for each armor can be seen in the summoning item guide. Here's a quick overview:

Are the pets level individual or the same across all pets?
No. They are separate per pet.

How do you use special attacks?
Your pets' SP attack % affects how many times your pet uses its special attack. Increasing that number means more special attacks.

How does the drop rate increase work?
The drop rate % on interface is an account wide drop rate increase. However while attacking your pet parent it increases by 0.25%

How do stats work?
  - Attack: Increases probability of hit
  - Defence: Split between players defence bonus (As shown in the equipment bonuses interface)
  - Strength: Increases the strength (thus damage)
  - SP Attack: Chance of using a special attack
  - SP Damage: Raw damage of special attack

When will the rest of the slots be added in to the game?
The ring and enchantment slot will slowly be rolled out while we refine battle pets. It will likely be added on the next update.

How will players without pets experience this content?
We've added a beginner pet which can level up to 10. This is mainly to introduce newer players to battle pets, and existing players who do not yet have a pet. However any existing player can use the command ::collectgoblin to receive this pet. Introducing...the pretty sad goblin pet!


+ Pets pathfinding
Pets will now follow your character more naturally.

+ New pets
- We've added superior slayer monster's pets which can only be obtained from the credit shop. There are cheaper ones, and more expensive ones. They have decent base stats, a unique special attack and increased account-wide drop rate better than the general pets.
- Added argus pet (obtainable from argus reward chest)

+ Important notes
  - Pets can have very low auto-attack damage at the beginning but should ramp up as you level.
  - You can use ::callpet command to call your pet should it ever be stuck.
  - You can use the command ::dissmiss to remove the pet from your character and place it in your inventory, should there ever be an issue.

Can I just see the pets in action? Yeah..



+ Drop Rate
We heard you guys regarding drop rate, and it not reflecting the proper percentages in the interface. I'd also like to thank @Nerevarfor trying to make sense of it. We brought a second eye to it, and did our best to better reflect the drop rate of items. Please do let us know if you feel an item is too rare, or too common for it to drop. We're just testing these at the moment. We also added the count on interface that displays the average kills you may get an item. However, please do keep in mind it's still all RNG and you can never really calculate the proper rates.


+ New hitsplats

We've added new hitsplats to better reflect what type of damage you've dealt, and what type of damage you got hit with. At the moment we have added them for the following:
  - Couldron of venom
  - Demonic dice
  - Flower of dawn
  - Firelands damage
  - Underwater damage
We're planning on adding a few more as we update.

+ Titan forge
- Added a new magic set called the 'nebula'. It can be forged by sacrificing neon and tectonic at a 60% success rate. It is the 2nd best in slot magic set, and adds additional 0.50% drop rate when full set is equipped. Here's how it looks:
- Added the pet category to the titan forge.

+ Collection Log
  - Added the category "scrolls" to the collection log. This will track both task scrolls and clue scrolls.

+ King ironman
  - Added king ironman hiscores. (This for you ace!)

+ Credit Shop Updates
  - Lowered prices of all trinkets
  - Significantly Lowered the price of all cosmetics.
  - Added deep see trinket to credit shop.
  - Removed untradeables category and renamed it to "battle pets".
  - Moved items from untradeables to weaponry/equipment.
  - Added superior slayer monster pets to the battle pets category.

+ Battle pass
We decided to extend the current battle pass for 1 month. We may release a new battle pass soon (depending on player feedback), however we will refund premium users if they have purchased within the last 14 days. (or if purchased, but not progressed past tier 40)

+ Login Rewards
 - Added new login rewards with a pet theme. Will take in to affect on the 1st of September.


+ Changes
- You will now longer be able to right click an another players' pet.
- Edited the dark matter dungeon map to fit more hunting npcs.
- Replaced void elemental at celestial cave with frost ferrets.
- Lowered boss instance cost prices by half.
- Added 5 kills to the boss instance.
- Lowered strykewyrm kills required from slayer tasks.
- Added raid pets to the raids rewards chest.
- Changed the materials required to make dusted hunter items, and buff foods. (Should be a lot faster to make them)
- Added a new elite achievement; open enchanted chests 500x

+ Buffs

- Buffed the malevolence prayer bonuses.
- Buffed drop rate of tormented beast, crystalite gargoyle.
- Buffed black market rarity drop rate. (We're slightly adjusting these numbers, to find the sweet spot).
- Added coin drops to crystalite gargoyles and tormented beast.
- Buffed task scroll rare rewards.
- Elemental star will now hold 400 total elemental chunks.

+ Nerfs
- Nerfed magic damage % on zilyana wings, frost strider wings, sea-dweller cape.
- Slightly nerfed blood barrage heals.

+ Fixes

- Fixed an issue with new prayers not properly displaying stat increases.
- Fixed an issue not being able to decant ebonchill potions.
- Fixed an issue with kree'arra pushing the player out of bounds in black market, and its GWD zone.

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damnnn the new forge mage set... i remember when i suggested it and got shot down by mostly everyone >.>


glad it happened though



edit:: and im glad you are pumping quality updates. gj team

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