Development Blog 5 (Adventure Log, Monster Machine, Drop Catcher, Revamps & Additions)

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We've been working on a few different things the past 2 weeks and would like to display some of it!


+ Adventure Log


What players did not like is having to grind for a certain item to obtain various player bonuses. We solved that by introducing the adventure log. By progressing naturally as a player, you get to receive permanent rewards such as increased bonus experience, increased drop rate item rewards depending on the challenge The adventure log currently contains 6 books, we have plans of increasing that as we progress development.


Each book has a certain set of challenges for you to complete as a player. Books like "Bennie's Book" has challenges such as; Obtaining a rare drop, turning in monster materials, reach a play time. "Skilly's Book" has challenges such as; Reach a certain total level, obtain a skilling pet, complete an achievement. By completing a challenge you open the book and claim the reward.


How it looks:




+ Drop Catcher Revamp


The issue with drop catcher was not being able to add items in properly. You'd have to type out the item name fully. It was also very poorly made. We decided to make the drop catcher a lot more player friendly.





+ Monster Machine


The previous interface was very lackluster. The main issue as well was if you had lots of materials to turn in, it would take quite some time due to the loading bar when turning in. We've changed that and are planning to add more high tier materials as well. We also added an information page as new players did not understand the concept.





+ Mystery Boxes


Our old mystery box interface was very buggy when it came to the spinning parts. It took way too long for your spin to end. We've changed our mystery box interface. It now displays the possible rewards from a mystery box, as well as the 10 most recent rewards other players have received.





+ Donator Credits


We've decided to switch our webstore system to in-game. From now on all you'd have to do is purchase the credits on the webstore and claim them in-game. Credits can be used at the credits shop. You now have to purchase items from the credits shop in order to receive a donator rank. Simply claiming the credits will not give you a rank. For every 10 credits spent, you receive $1 total spent. Credits are able to be traded in-game.





+ Changes


- Auction house has been fully rewritten. Recents now properly displays the recent items posted based on time. Previous version of auction house was a lot buggier and would sometimes result in item loss in case of a server crash. This will not happen anymore.

- Previously added bank spaces for donator ranks were not working properly. We fixed the issue and the max bank space that can be achieved is 1k. Here are the bank space totals based on rank:

  - Donator, 550 total bank spaces.

  - Extreme, 600 total bank spaces.

  - Legendary, 650 total bank spaces.

  - Super, 700 total bank spaces.

  - Uber, 750 total bank spaces.

  - Master, 850 total bank spaces.

  - Immortal, 1000 total bank spaces.

- Lots of custom items have had their inventory look changed. Custom items should now look a lot smoother in the inventory.

- Removed exorian artifact. (Was redundant).


+ Additions


- You can now use keyboard buttons; spacebar and 1-4 to continue dialogue.

- Added green octo and blue dragon. (Those shoulder pets were missing).


+ Fixes


- Fixed an issue where zulrah couldn't get attacked.

- Boss task coins drops are now working with drop catcher.

- Ebonchill dragon range attack animation has been fixed.



In the works:


Gambling revamp, interfaces complete. Code todo.

Customized clan chat system.




Thank you for taking the time to read through our development blog!


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Looks good man, I was gutted I joined the server so late but cant wait for the relaunch 

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