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Found 2 results

  1. Click on the icon to see the guide Most guides are for 'kings' but work very well for other modes Useful guides Combat Gear Heirloom Guide Shoulder Pet Guide Monster Machine Guide TitanForge Guide Loot Boxes Achievement Points, Exo Points and Loyalty Points Ironman Guide @ragnos(iron) Last update - Update log #12 The guides will be constantly updated according to the updates that are getting
  2. Hello everyone, today I will be telling you the best methods to get 99 rune crafting. -Teleporting there, go to the teleporting wizard at home located little north of the middle at home. -Once you talk to im please select Skilling-Skillingzone. -Then once you done that talk to the rune crafting npc next to the bank outside the doors. -Trade him for essence then talk to him for be teleports to the altars. First 1. From 1-44 do air runes, which should take 1-2 inventory's based on if you are using a vote book or not. Second 2. From 44-65 do nature runes, which should take from 2-3 inventory's based on if you are using vote book or not. Third 3. from 65-77 do death runes, which should take from 6-8 inventory's based on if you are using vote book or not. Fourth 4 final step. from 77-99 do blood runes, which should take anywhere from 2.5-3.2k bloods based off vote book use or not. -There you have you are a master rune crafter 🙂