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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, today I will be telling you the best methods to get 99 rune crafting. -Teleporting there, go to the teleporting wizard at home located little north of the middle at home. -Once you talk to im please select Skilling-Skillingzone. -Then once you done that talk to the rune crafting npc next to the bank outside the doors. -Trade him for essence then talk to him for be teleports to the altars. First 1. From 1-44 do air runes, which should take 1-2 inventory's based on if you are using a vote book or not. Second 2. From 44-65 do nature runes, which should take from 2-3 inventory's based on if you are using vote book or not. Third 3. from 65-77 do death runes, which should take from 6-8 inventory's based on if you are using vote book or not. Fourth 4 final step. from 77-99 do blood runes, which should take anywhere from 2.5-3.2k bloods based off vote book use or not. -There you have you are a master rune crafter 🙂
  2. Hey everyone, Hey guys its me sexy pip here. today I made a friend chat for baron accounts, to hangout or chill or if they need help with anything, even give them tips on leveling. if you are a baron + feel free to join the friendschat.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ranks: Everyone will get the recruit ranks - Corp rank 1100 total - Serg rank - 1500 total - Leuit rank - 1750 -Others will be based of helping and active. 🙂 I base ranks off total level, and helping, also active. 🙂 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: -No flamming -No racism -No spamming Is the big top three rules.
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